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the maurice benfredj fine art photography gallery

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useless information

Welcome to my World

- the Home Page of

Maurice ASBenfredj

c'est moi (mais pas l'etat...)

Oh no, not another boring homepage about some geezer nobody's ever heard of

- but this one is different!!!

(well, that's my story anyway, and I'm sticking to it!)

By the way, you are visitor number since 24 October 1996

By the way, this site is ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, so please come back soon to see what changes I have made.


to Maurice Benfredj's

exceptionally & extraordinarily

cool WebSite!

(can you tell that Modesty is my middle name???

- and if I am a little blaze as well, does that make me Modesty Blaze???)

Cogito "cogito", cogito, ergo (cogito) sum!

In addition to a few completely pointless animations, superfluous illustrations, surreptitious indoctrinations, and absolutely over-the-top text formatting, you get information about...

My Background

...and about...

Some really cool Members of my Family

... and about...

My Creative Writing

...and as if that weren't enough, also about...

Some of the Things I Like.

But wait... there's more... there are...

Some of my "favourite" Dislikes...

and then there are...

Links to Some of My Favourite Sites

and of course...

the German Page

and last, but certainly not least...

the Gallery

So, to repeat this fabulous offer, you get, entirely FREE, all this:

Information about My Background

including some of my wallpaper (caution: very graphics intensive)

Pix & info about Some really cool Members of my Family

Not-to-be-Missed Samples of my Writing

Pix & info about Some of the Things I Like...

like - photography


old cars



A list of Some of my "favourite" Dislikes...

including my Exceptional Person of the Moment award, given to the person to whom I take most exception at the moment

A few Links to Some of My Favourite Sites

Some of my Pictures, Information, and Links about Adelaide

Weather Reports from some of my favourite stamping grounds:

Adelaide Weather

Weather in Paris

Weather in Frankfurt

Weather in Lansing

and finally, not to forget, we have the German Page

Send NO MONEY NOW (or ever), unless you have too much of it and want me to share in your good fortune!

29th March: Happy Birthday Lucy Lawless

Friends, Chums, Pals, and yet Others
Oz Easter Greetings
Deutsche Seite

.Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please send e-mail to:

or give me feedback in my guestbook

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This page last updated on 4 May 1999

Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999 Maurice Benfredj.