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Sorry folks, at present we are still not finished. Hopefully this is soon to be rectified. Please continue to pop back. As more content should be appearing intermitently over the next few weeks. If at any time you've got any comments on the site, please let me know. All suggestions gratefully accepted.

As to what other stuff will, eventually be available here. It's mostly going to be physics and UFO related. Most of the physics stuff will be quantum mechanical in nature - Especially in the area of superluminal research. Eventually I hope to setup a forum of debate in which interested parties can argue the toss and share information. To date this is the bit I've found hardest bit of my site to do. The sitting down to do the typing and research required is taking a lot longer than I first thought. In the mean time, I've been busy putting up some Sci-Fi stuff, which is much quicker. Got all sorts of stuff put up already Graphics, Desktop Themes, Screen Savers, Scripts and got much more still to come, but I'm starting to run out of webspace.

Got 5M on one site and another 25M on another. So perhaps some sort of reorganisation is in order.

I still hope to provide resources and pointers to other resources, so that Break Through Physics propulsion ideas and information can be shared and made easily accessable to all. I will endeavour to keep the site up to date and to post any interesting articles/references as I find them

Hopefully this site is now worth visiting, things as they say can only get better.

Still to come:

More Physics Stuff

More X-Files


UFO Stuff

Third Rock From the Sun

Screen Savers, Themes and Graphics


Last Updated: 30/06/98 UFO Pictures Icon Now Active, but supporting page under construction. Images still worth a look though.

24/06/98 Added a Third Rock from the Sun Page - Nothing exciting as yet

16/06/98 Added a Red Dwarf Page 2

12/06/98 Added a X-Files Page 2

04/06/98 Added a Babylon5 Page - More to come

02/06/98 Added some stuff to Red Dwarf Page

02/06/98 Added ZPE Page and Casimir Effect Page - More to come on each of these

01/06/98 Added Add a Link functionality to the Cool Links Page

28/05/98 Added X-Files Page (Well Gillian Anderson Really)

27/05/98 Added Red Dwarf Page with Pictures - More to come Later Today ??

14/05/98 - Added Anti-Gravity Page to Warping Space-Time, plus added a Navbar to some pages

08/05/98 - Added What's Possible Now Page

01/05/98 - Added Menu Graphics to the Light Speed Page

01/05/98 - Nimtz Document Added to Light Speed Page -More to come hopefully Today or Tomorrow

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