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Our Mollica Family Web Site starts with 9 Mollica kids who were born to Bob and Connie Mollica and raised in Reading, Massachusetts USA during the 1950s and 1960s. Most of this family lives in Massachusetts and New Hampshire now, but Rick Mollica lives in Maryland and is the webmaster for this web site.

La Home page della nostra famiglia nasce con 9 bambini Mollica che nacquero da Bob e Connie Mollica. Crebbero in Reading, Massachusets USA durante gli anni 50 e 60. La maggior parte di questa famiglia vive in Massachusetts e nel New Hampshire, ma Rick Mollica vive in Maryland ed il webmaster di questo sito.




I started this web site in 1995 as a hobby, but around 2002 I stopped having the time necessary to keep the site updated. I decided to leave the "main pages" in tact, but have not updated any of the sections since 1992. I'm sorry if you find links on the Mollica Links and Mollica Menagerie pages (or elsewhere) that no longer work, but there are still plenty that do. I apologize if the site contains outdated information about you or your family. I don't plan on doing any updates in the foreseeable future, but hopefully there's enough here for you to enjoy "as is."

Take care ... Rick Mollica 9/1/04



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    Many Mollica families originated in Sicily and the islands offshore...

    Le Isole della Sicilia
    The Sicilian Islands

    Ralph J. Mollica VFW Post 793 was named after the first "Dough Boy," or World War One soldier,from St. Johnsbury Vermont to be killed in action.


    Did You Know?

    Mollica is the 17,228th most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.001%; percentile is 76.627 [Source CBN]


    There are more than 3,100 names in my genealogy database (including 427 from Susan Mollica). There are well-linked Mollica family trees collected on the main genealogy page, but be sure to check the Mollica Famiglia page. Last updated on June 8, 2002

    Here are the 768 entries for Mollica from the Ellis Island Records. I copied the Mollica entries from the Ellis Island web site (but I have not put them into the genealogy database yet) and sorted them 3 ways - by name, residence, and arrival date.



    No One Covered The Fig Tree

    Many thanks go to Virginia Balestreri who sent this great story about remembering what it was like to grow up Italian in the USA during the 1940's and 50's.