Our Hearts and Our Home are in Rising Star, Texas


Rising Star, (Population 840) is a small, rural community in Central Texas.  It is located in the southwestern part of Eastland County at the junction of Highway 36 and Highway 183.  It is lovingly referred to as "Twinkle City" by the people of the area.  It is a slow paced, friendly, farm and ranch community where people know and care about their neighbors.  When you hear a horn honk, it's either a farmer calling his cows or a friend who  wants to wave and say "hello"!


Our  "El Rancho  - Not So Grande"  is located five miles southeast of Rising Star.  It is a highly profitable enterprise that affords us the luxury of travel .... we must travel to earn a living!

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Mid pleasures and places, though we may roam .....

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!


Until we retired we were catastrophe claims adjusters.  Our last assignment was in metropolitan Rosemont, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.  We must have made lots of new friends there, because almost everyone was honking and gesturing at us!

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