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InfoSeek Net Search is the most popular way to search the Web. Just type your question in plain English or enter words and phrases. HelpfulTips 

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Altavista is a powerful search engine. Take the time to read theTips link at the site.
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Lycos is one of first web search sites. For a quick easy search use the form below. If you want to define your search better use the Search Options
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  Find: point reviews lycos catalog a2z directory 

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If you need more search resources, 
here's a variety of sites that should suit your needs. is one-stop-shopping if you are searching for shareware or freeware programs.

Northern Lights similiar to Lycos, Hotbot etc.

Ask Jeeves answers most of your questions.

About.Com similiar to Lycos, Hotbot etc.

CUSI searches many other WWW search engines. 

Galaxy world wide information services are provided by EINet 

Google another new search engine.

The WWW Virtual Library at CERN is the birth place of the WWW. It has web resources classified by subject, geographical location, and type of access

E-Mail discussion groups (lists) may be located by using The Liszt.

Here's another site to help you find mailing lists that might interest you. 

This site will help you locate Newsgroups. 

Patty Sorenson's OII Search and Retrieval group has put together resources pages for educators. 

If you have to use the (yuk) phone, you can probably locate the numberin the Switchboard, a national phone database.

If you are looking for someone on Internet your best bet is to point your browser at Four11.

If you are into locating places instead of people you can visit MapQuest to get street maps and trip routing.

Special Thanks to Art Wolinsky & Maureen Brady-Rodriguez for sharing this page.