Romani (Gypsy) culture and social issues.

The Gypsies of Evosmos:
the Settlement

The Greek Youth Against Racism in Europe (YRE) campaign for the Evosmos Gypsies demands a water supply to the camp; collection of all the garbage that has accumulated in the area of the camp; immediate public health measures in the area; distribution of garbage bins in the settlement and daily collection by council garbage trucks; preparation of the Gonou area with full infrastructure, including water, sewage, electricity, communications, roads, and schools, and proper housing for a permanent settlement of the Gypsies; and national planning with state funds for the support of the cultural, economic and social life of all Gypsies in Greece. (Photographs by Rolandos Pavlou)

Gathering carpet scraps from garbage to sell in town.

A woman is loading her truck with carpet scraps
to sell in town. Most residents of the camp make their living
on the streets selling plastic chairs, carpets and flowers, or
playing music in local tavernas and restaurants.
Typical Evosmos dwelling of scrap wood and nylon. A child playing with a toy-gun 
barefoot in the doorway of a 
typical dwelling in the Evosmos camp.
A closer view of a typical hut made 
of nylon and pieces of wood. The blue 
plastic containers are used to keep a day's 
water supply. The pieces of wood piled
in the background are for heating.
Water cans and heating wood.
Another view of the camp, with the town of Evosmos in the background. Another view of the camp, with the town of Evosmos in the background, a child playing in the foreground. 
Two young girls in their finest clothes pose for the photographer.
These young girls are dressed in their finest clothes for the photographer, their arms crossed and hands held together in sincere friendship, smiling, despite their squalid surroundings. There remains hope in the Evosmos settlement for improvements and a better tomorrow.

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