Romani (Gypsy) culture and social issues.

Romani Rights
Legal and civil rights, refugee and asylum rights, aid for the homeless, and equal access to basic social services are key concepts advocated by Patrin. The following links provide information on current Romani rights issues, as well as links to human rights organisations with contact information. For more information, please visit our Roma Organisations section. 

These links provide many diverse views of Roma. Inclusion in this list of links does not necessarily assume endorsement by Patrin of any organisation, individual or viewpoint represented.

Romni and child escorted by policemen.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
UN Press Releases of Concern to Roma
The Pariah Syndrome by Ian Hancock
Roma Slavery by Ian Hancock
Anti-Gypsyism by Ian Hancock 
Ceausescu's Master Race by Ian Hancock 
The Persecution of Travellers by Eli Frankham 
Bosnia Refugee Rom in England by Thomas Acton
'Get Out, You Stinking Gypsy' by Dimitrina Petrova
The Gypsy Genocide by Paul Polansky 
Black Czechs by TomᚠVrba 
Foreigners in their own Land by Aileen Crowe
Counting Backwards by Colin Clark 
You Try it for a Few Days by Fedor Gál 
Really, the question is, 'how does the world get away with the way they treat Gypsies?' not 'how do Gypsies get away with acting like Gypsies?'

- Isabel Fonseca, author of Bury Me Standing: the Gypsies and their Journey, in television interview [CNN - 19.8.97]

The Right-Hand Path by Hedina Sijercic
Between Two Worlds by Vojtìch Lavièka 
An Ordinary Pogrom by Claude Cahn 
Roma Immigration to Ireland by Mícheál Ó hAodha 
License to Persecute by Kheta Quinn 
Harassment of Travellers and Gypsies - USA 
Should Travellers be allowed to retain their way of life? by Colin Clark
Mistaken Identity by Gregory Kwiek 
A Media Guided by Our Own Hand by Orhan Galjus 
The Politics of Romani Politics by Rudko Kawczynski
The Right to be Different by Jahn Otto Johansen
Courting Minorities by Maria Koinova 
Europe's Enduring Disgrace by Michael T. Kaufman 
The Murder of Hassan Elamin Abdelradi - Czech Republic
Making Romani Rights a European Issue by Jeremy Druker
The Greek Youth Against Racism in Europe (YRE) needs your support in their campaign against the suppression of the rights of the Gypsy community of Evosmos, northern Greece. 
Should the West Open it's Doors to the East's Roma?
Towards a New Paradigm of the Nation: the Roma
Claiming Civil Rights for Roma
Romani Lobbying in Great Britain by Thomas Acton
Coping with a New Diaspora in Ireland by Mícheál Ó hAodha
Gypsies Still on the Fringe in Finland
Human Rights Situation of Roma - Germany
Sinti and Roma as National Minorities in Europe by Romani Rose
Forced Return of Bosnian Roma from Germany
Hatred of the Weak - Austria 
Austria's Asylum Policies Criticized
Progressive Inaction In Hungary by Sarah Roe 
Anti-Gypsy Fervor Sweeps East Europe
Rroma: Struggle for Self-Identification - Romania
Roma in Slovakia
On January 8, 1998, New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman signed into law Assembly Bill 2654, repealing that state's anti-Roma law adopted in 1917. Governor Whitman's signature effectively repealed the last anti-Roma law on the books of any American (USA) state. 
Skinheads by Robert Mareš 
Punishment of the Homeless - Czech Republic
Dealing with Hate, Racism, and Violence by Jan Fábry
The Wall in Ústí nad Labem by Jarmila Balázová
Czech Public Awareness of Human Rights by Hana Havelková
Extremist Acts Galvanize Roma Population by S. Penc and J. Urban
Interview with Petr Uhl by Alexandra Klausmann
The Holocaust Today by Fedor Gál 
Ill Treatment For Europe's Gypsies
The Rights of Minorities: a Romany Perspective by Luke Clements, et al
Dealing with Multiculturality by Nicolae Gheorghe and Thomas Acton
The Plight of the Gypsies Broadcast transcript from Voice of America
Project on Ethnic Relations
Minorities at Risk Project
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Selected OMRI News Briefs
The UN International Decade of the World's Indigenous People does not cover the Roma. They are, by definition, not indigenous. They fall into the cracks of an incomplete world order.

RomaPage - Hungary USA
Pavee Point - Ireland
Union Romani - Spain
Romani Union Australia
Exchange House - Ireland
Traveller Law Research Unit - UK
Western Canadian Romani Alliance
The Rroma Foundation - Switzerland
Association Romano Centro - Austria
RomNews Network Online - Germany 
National Romani Rights Association - UK
European Roma Rights Center - Hungary
Situation of Roma from Kosovo - Macedonia
OSI Roma Participation Program - Hungary
Roma Community and Advocacy Center - Canada
Helsinki Citizens' Assembly, Roma Section - Czech Republic
Association of Gypsies/Romani International - USA 
Lawyers Committee for Roma Rights and Recognition - USA

Who is a Refugee?
Crosspoint Anti-Racism
Derechos: Human Rights
The Tolerance Foundation
Nation-States and Minorities
OSI: The Forced Migration Projects
University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns
Documentation Center for Human Rights - Czech Republic
Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia
Call Us Roma, Not Gypsies
Nazism Exposed
The Pillar of Shame
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Internet
Action for People in Conflict
Anti-Defamation League Online
Youth Against Racism in Europe
UNITED for Intercultural Action
Monitor: Antifascistisk Nyhetsbrev
Guide to Hate Groups on the Internet
Campaign Against Racism and Fascism

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