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European Roma Rights Center
Scholarships for Romani Law Students

The European Roma Rights Center (ERRC), a Budapest-based international non-governmental organization, offers scholarships to eligible Romani law students. Scholarships normally cover tuition at accredited law schools, books and fees, and miscellaneous expenses related to legal education. In exceptional cases, the ERRC will also cover accommodation. 

Recipients of scholarships are required to submit a report to the ERRC a the end of each semester/term indicating their progress. Scholarships are for a maximum duration of one year. Successful recipients are not guaranteed scholarships for the following year; they must re-apply to the ERRC. Criteria for selection include academic promise, financial need and a demonstrated intention of working in human rights. 

Application Procedure: Each candidate for ERRC legal scholarships should submit the following: 

    1. A letter of acceptance from an accredited law school. 

    2. An individual itemized budget showing law school expenses (tuition, books, fees, etc.) which cannot be covered by sources other than an ERRC scholarship.

    3. A personal statement expressing their interest in the ERRC scholarship. Optional supporting material such as samples of written work or published articles may also be included. 

    4. Though optional, it is preferred that candidates submit the name, title, and contact number/address of at least one person who can recommend them. This could be a former secondary school teacher, a local community leader, or other person. 

    5. At some point during the scholarship period, recipients of ERRC legal scholarships are expected to perform a) human rights outreach work in Romani communities or b) a summer human rights internship arranged by or in co-operation with the ERRC. Scholarship applications will be considered in two cycles, corresponding with the academic calendar. For the 1997-98 academic year, deadlines for submission of applications are as follows: 

    *For the fall semester 1997, all applications must be received at the ERRC in Budapest no later than May 31, 1997 for continuing students and no later than August 15, 1997 for first year students. 

    *For the spring semester 1998, all applications must be received at the ERRC in Budapest no later than November 30, 1997. 

Questions on the ERRC legal scholarship program, as well as applications for the scholarship should be addressed to: 

Nidhi Trehan, Educational Coordinator
European Roma Rights Center
H-1525 Budapest 114
P.O. Box 10/24, HUNGARY

E-mail address:
Tel: (+36 1) 327 9877
Fax: (+36 1) 138 3727

Posted 05 April 1997.

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