Melipat 1

Here is a simple melipat(moving into an attack) response to an attack demonstrated by two friends, Amir and Mukhriz. Please note the systematic removal of the opponents ability to counter attack and note the foot trapping technique in photo number 4). Silat is all about control over the opponent and this series of photos show how it may be done. Of course in a real fight there are no hard and fast rules so it may not happen in the sequence below. What I want to emphasize are the possibilities and the way good Silat practitioners control the fight. Notice also the natural stance that Amir adopts in photo 1). This is the most deceptive of stances as it allows Amir to move in a variety of directions.

Photo 4) shows a "hidden" technique in Silat where the foot may be trapped and damaged via foot trapping techniques.

1) Mukhriz(left) lunges towards Amir(right)

2) Amir double punches...

    3) ...the nerves passing from the arms to the
    shoulders If the right nerves were hit then this will cause the
    opponents arm to drop and the opponent will be defenceless for the next technique..,

4) in which Amir gives two strikes
to the sides of the neck, note his right foot on top of Mukhriz's. This is an example of foot trapping...

5)The strikes to the side of neck should cause the opponent to black out...

6) ... making it easy for Amir to bring him to the ground. You can knee the opponent in the groin first if necessary. If Amir chooses to push his opponents backwards and keep his foot on top of Mukhriz's, this will cause a serious injury to the opponent that will incapacitate him...

7) Make sure the opponent does not go far so that...

8)... we can administer the coup de grace.

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