Melipat 2

Bapak Engku of Sapik Kalo in action.


A photo I took of Bapak Engku smashing concrete bricks on his students's head using a sledgehammer.
I call this photo "Headbreaker".
Taken with a motorized Nikon F3 with Tamron 60 to 300mm zoom and flash. Photo taken in 1986

The photo sequence below demonstrates more application of striking the opponents shoulder combined together with a leg sweep to neutralize the opponents "langkah". This establishs control over the opponent.

1) Pak Engku waits for Ho to attack.. 2) Ho punches. Pak Engku shifts(perpindahan), and execute a palm strike toHo's shoulder. You can substitute this for a punch to temporarily paralyze the arm. This is used if the opponent has a knife. Remember to generate force through hip torque to maximize shocking power.
3) Before Ho recovers, Pak Engku sweeps Ho's foot just enough to make Ho lose his balance so that... 4) ...the next technique, a kick can be delivered. Ifyou wish to maximize the impact of your kick, don't let go of the opponents arm.Alternatively, you can also stomp on the opponents knee first and then kick. This would have been true to the original Silat response.

 The series of photos above were captured using a Sony VX1 video camera in Hi8 format and GrabIt. Taken in 1992.

Sapik Kalo students in action.
Taken with a tripod mounted motorized Nikon F3 using electronic shutter release, Nikkor 35mm F2.0 lens at 1/500th of a second.

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