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This poem

was written

at a very low point

in my life. A time when

I thought I would not see

tomorrow. It's funny when things

happen in our lives to make us think

about what we have done,

And what we

have yet

to do.


On the horizon, so far away
the clouds are clearing,
formations disappearing---

Like the sunrise
emerging from the darkness of night,
I see the light---
it's a funny thing
this thing called life,
how silently and quickly its quality changes---

Yesterday, I was happy and gay
today, my whole world turned gray---
sometimes I'm weary of the days ahead
and I believe I've lost life in living.
If I should grow old,
I wish to borrow each day today
because tomorow may never be.

When I look back at my life
it once was a wide open corridor
now it's closing,it's just a small lonely isle.

Today I said a little prayer
that comes from deep within:

Dear Lord, let me live my life to its fullest
and if tomorrow my sorrow overcomes me,
let me not forget the kindness
shown to me along the way.
Should I forget the beauty in living
let me remember
the gentle unfolding of a dew-dropped petal
in the early morning light---
If I never see the dreams carved out for me
let me enjoy the friendship of friends
who love me for myself---

And while I still breathe
Dear Lord, keep me in loving hands
that really care.

By: Jennifer Steele

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