Jennifer's Poetry Corner

Driftwood can be seen on the seashores of

Trinidad & Tobago (among other places) drifted

unto the shores

from the sea where it was

somehow thrown. It is a treasured piece of

nature that I grew up taking for granted... until I

could not find it anymore. It represents different

things for different people. For me, it represents

life and the places we eventually end up.


Rumble and tumble, back and forth,
Time was when I was young and strong;
Swinging and swaying in the gentle breeze...
My vistors were weary, they needed me.
One stormy night, I was torn from my mother;
Thrown to the ground, no mercy was shown,
I was kicked and I was stepped over,
Unwanted and useless could this be the end?
Someone picked me up, and threw me to sea...
It was cold and wet and rough to boot,
Over and over, I tossed and turned;
Piece by piece, my skin I lost...
One sunny day I was washed ashore,
She saw beyond my rough exterior,
She had to rescue me...

Many miles I traveled,
then I was cleaned and polished,
Now I'm the beautiful piece of ornament;
Sitting on a mantle... Admired and cherished,
I've reached my destiny,I am a work of art...
I am a driftwood,
can't you tell?

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