Pull Up A Chair, Make Yourself Comfortable And Share My Thoughts

It is with great sadness that I must tell you
Roger left this world on Monday, December 5, 2005.
His passing was peaceful, and for that I am greatful.
May 3, 1950 - December 5, 2005

Original poetry copyright by author, please do not reproduce in any form.


No need to get depressed

on this day called Valentine---

just because I don't have someone

that I can call mine---

I will have to be patient

develop myself and take my time---

to find the love that I need

on this day called Valentine---

I'm in love with myself

to me that is enough

though I want someone to love me

I'll wait and won't give up...


I do not want to just survive

and let my heart lead me astray---

I want to realize my dreams

by living life from day to day---

I desire to be a better person

to accept what is to become---

by choosing not to tell lies

or being better than anyone---

I have faith that the Creator

can make all my dreams come true---

by facing up to situations today

so, tomorrow will be brand new...


I forgot to tell you I'm black

did you know or suspect?

or get that feeling from my writing?

what color are you?

I can't tell from where I'm sitting,

guess it really doesn't make a difference,

it just doesn't matter---

as long as we understand each other...


I wish I understood why the worlds leaders

don't embrace universal brotherhood---

it would do the world a lot of good---

I wish I understood

I wish I understood what is wrong with the worlds leaders,

they should be spreading:




and Kindness

this is the winning formula.

instead being the source of confusion---

and advocating intellectualism,

makes us a part of this illusion---

but, don't they know:

"contradiction causes confusion

and confusion breeds revolution"

I wish I understood why the worlds leaders

don't embrace universal brotherhood---

it would do the world a lot of good---

I wish I understood...



when I'm by myself,

swelling with serious thoughts

takes me to a strange place,

coming back from outer space

my memory, time cannot erase---

feeling like I'd been there before

trying to maintain an open door---

universally speaking

everywhere in my life that I've been,

I want to go and look again!

at all the beautiful places and spaces

life in time will once more begin,


but not at all times

I want to live my life again...


Can't breathe

electronic, economic blues

got me all caged up,

lack of this and that

makes me view life

from the inside of a large vat,

same shoes and blues

left over from last week,

big question is:

"will I get the money it takes to eat",


ain't able to buy a car,

when I left high school

they said I'd go far...


On the tree of life---

I am but a leaf swinging in the breeze,

hanging on a branch---

waiting to fall to earth then, rot in the dirt,

returning to the sky---

becoming one with the wind to remember:

life will never end...

By Roger Steele

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