Jennifer's Poetry Corner


What A Dream !

You held me in your arms, so soft and yet so strong,

Our bodies seem to know each others' in the most intimate way.

Making love to you like this is a dream come true,

You are so tender, and caring, you make me feel there is no one but me.

Your fingers stroke my face, my neck, my breast and followed them

with your lips.

I couldn't breathe nor think, and I felt a sweet weakness in my knees,

I yearned to have you satisfy my longing, my need.

I couldn't wait to feel your manhood deep inside of me

Soft mourns escaped my lips , as my body trembled against yours.

I felt so close to you then, tears came to my eyes,

we were two people expressing the most intimate feelings imaginable.

While you made slow, passionate love to me,

I felt my heart busting with desire, and my body on fire,

And when my body recieved yours, all thoughts ceased,

and we were one.

We took each other to heights we'd never been to before,

and the climax was everything we'd hoped for.

I know I have never been loved like this before, so now that I am awake,

all I can say is, WHAT A DREAM!!!

I was only dreaming,

or was I?


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