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All About Me And Mine

My name is Jennifer Steele, but my web name is poet-33. I am originally from Trinidad & Tobago, an Island in the Caribbean. Trinidad and Tobago are the southernmost islands of the Caribbean and are geologically an extension of the South American continent.

Trinidad is separated from Venezuela by the seven (7) mile (11km) straits of the Gulf of Paria.

I love the Island of my birth and plan to visit often. I have two sons, one still resides in Trinidad; he is twenty-six years old and has made me a grandmother.

The other is almost ninteen and lives with me and my husband in New York.

My mother is of East Indian desent and my father is of African desent.

That makes me somewhat of a mixture,

which explains why I am sometimes confused as to who I really am.

The advantage is that I am a child of the universe.

About My Husband And I

I met my husband in late 1994 (his name is Roger) and we got

married March 31, 1996. Our story is a beautiful one, when we

met I wasn't looking to get involved in any relationship, let alone

getting serious about another person. However, there he was

reciting some of his poems to a friend, and I couldn't help but listen.

One of his lines, was the same as a line I had written years ago in

one of my poems. I asked him if he wrote a lot, and that is all it

took for him to tell me about his love for poetry. It seemed as if

he would not stop talking, and I thought to myself; he sure could

talk. I enjoyed his poetry and I thought "If this man could write this,

he must have a good heart."

Well, we got together and he encouraged me to read my poetry

in public (which I had never done before) I found that I

enjoyed having people pay attention to what I had to say.

We eventually decided to get married and asked the co-executive

director of the agency we worked for to marry us. He is

a Baptist minister, and he was happy to marry us,

we got married at a

Used Book Cafe in Manhattan which is owned by our agency

I wrote "Loving You" in 1995 I hope you like it. In order to fully appreciate it,

you need to imagine living a country life.


The sound of rain falling on the galvanize in the early night,

soft breeze drifting through the house.

The sweet scent of wet dirt and grass reaches the nostril,

frogs croaking in the night, it's a night to snuggle up in the

arms of a loved one and savor the moment.

A cock crows at the crack of dawn, a dog barks and the scurrying squirrels



"Wake up and greet this brand new day."

Daylight brings warm sunshine, the whole world looks great.

A kaleidoscope of colors assault the eyes at first. Multicolored

butterflies flutter from flower to flower,

mauve bougainvillea contrast with yellow roses. Daises

and zinnias mingle, dragon red ponsitter towers over

pink and white jump-up-and-kiss-me,

and variegated orchards cling to the orange tree;

just above the blood red and snow white acquaruim plant.

Looking out back, sunlight glisten on the silky water

as it glides over smooth rocks, going down streem in the

make-shift pond.

Wouldn't it be great if all these wonders of nature

could be mine again?

Loving you reminds me of that beautiful,

natural paradise

I once knew.

By :Jennifer Steele.

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