Beasley Family History

Beasley Family History

Beasley, Beasle, Beazley, Beesley, Beezley, Bezley

Sponsored by the Beasley Family Association

They will live ...
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elcome to the Beasley Family Association's family History section. This part of our site is devoted to history of the different Beasley families - Beasley, Beazley, Beesley, Beezley, Beesle, Bazely - from our earliest beginnings in England up to the present. It is sponsored by the Beasley Family Association, a family club for all descendants of our family (regardless of spelling).

Our History section already has a large number of different pages and we are constantly working on more. We hope to bring you a wide variety of basic information and copies of original historic records so you can better know and understand your family heritage. See the INDEX below for the records and info. We hope you will share information to be preserved in the Family Library and to be included here.

If you would like to add information on your branch of the family here, please let us know. Due to limited space, we cannot add nearly as much family history as we would like. So limit your information to about one regular typed (paper) page. You can send it by email or you can mail it to us at the address below.

If you have a website that contains Beasley family history, please let us know and we will add a link to your site.

Beasley Family Cemetery Records

One of our most important projects is to gather cemetery records, tombstone inscriptions and burial information on all Beasleys and their descendants and preserve this in our Family Library. We also hope to post much of this information in our online History section. You are urged to take part in this effort. Click on "CEMETERY" in the INDEX below to go to this section.

Beasley Family Marriage Records

Another important project is our effort to gather and preserve marriage records of our family. If you have such records, especially copies of marriage licenses or bonds, please send copies of these to us to preserve in the Family Library and we will post some of these at various times on the website. Click on "MARRIAGES" in the INDEX below to view the marriage records.

Our site will always be under construction as we add information. Visit often for updates and changes.

If you came directly to this site, be sure and visit the Beasley Family Association's HOME page, where you can jump to the online Beasley Family NEWSLETTER, the Beasley Family QUERIES section, the "FAMOUS BEASLEYS" section (politicians, educators, entertainers, athletes, ministers, scientists and more) and our other pages. Click on "HOME" at the bottom of this page to get started.

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If you write and ask about family history, please -- be courteous enough to give your full name and at least the town where you live. And remember that the family club is trying to gather and preserve our family history, so give info about yourself and your direct family line back as far as you know.

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One of our main goals is to create a national family library of records and information on all the Beasley families, especially those whose roots are from the South. We are trying to gather and preserve records of every type, both public documents and private family records. You are strongly urged to contribute information and records on your direct family lines to preserve in your Family Library.

Among the type of documents and information we are trying to gather and preserve are; Family records: this type record includes data on every Beasley descendant: when and where born, married and died; and the same info on their spouse, children, all on one sheet; family Bible records, old letters, etc.

Public records: these type records include anything of a "public" nature. They include marriage licenses (and in Colonial times, "bonds"); birth and death certificates, these can often be gold mines of family information; cemetery records--tombstone inscriptions; military records from Colonial times to the present and especially war records; deeds, land grants, homestead records; wills, estate records; tax lists; obituaries; wedding and engagement notices; newspaper and magazine articles; published information from books. In other words, if it has been written or printed about our Beasley family, including descendants, we want a copy to preserve in the family library.


Beasley Family Records

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Beasley Family History

This section will soon have a "narrative" history of our families. Be patient as we work on it.

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