Beasley Family Marriage Records

 Part 32, South Carolina

Beasley, Beazley, Beesley, Beezley, Beasle, Beasly

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South Carolina

NOTE: South Carolina was the only American colony which did not require either a marriage bond nor license. After independence, this was the only Southern state which still maintained this practice. South Carolina did not begin requiring a marriage license until about 1912; therefore, there are no "public" marriage documents before this time. Only a few church records are available today prior to the 1900's. Dates shown below are from family Bible records, other sources and estimates.

The "counties" named below were not counties in the modern sense until more recent times; they were actually court districts. So when you see old "Darlington District" in records, it included an area which included parts or all of other modern counties.

We especially need family Bible marriage records for our family from South Carolina -- since no public records before 1912 are available. If you have such information, please send this to us to preserve in the Family Library.

BEASLEY [and other spellings]

Abbeville County

Nancy			        ca	1831	Green	C.	Richardson

Darlington County

William					        Harriett	Hudson
Rachel			        14 Feb	1791	Aris		WOODHAM
Pheraby			        ca	1804	Lewis		Pipkin
Daniel			        ca	1810	Catherine	McClendon
John			        ca	1813	Susanne	        Pipkin
Nancy			        16 Nov	1837	Francis	        Rogers
John	        Wesley	        ca	1870	Martha	L.	Gilbert

Fairfield County

Elizabeth			22 May	1793	Simon		Long

Laurens County

Elizabeth			13 Sep	1807	Charles	        Ferguson
John			        ca	1822	Rebecca	        Harlan

Lee County

John				        1900	Tammie	        Gilbert

Pickins County

Elizabeth		        28 Oct	1838	Henry Preston	Morgan

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