Beasley Family Marriage Records

 Part 8, Florida

Beasley, Beazley, Beesley, Beezley, Beasle, Beasly

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BEASLEY [and other spellings]

Alachua County

Elizabeth			22 Jan	1884	Marshall	Jolly

Baker County

George			         5 Apr	1881	Elizabeth	Nettles
George	        A.		25 Dec	1889	Maggie	        Tanner

Bradford County

Nathan	        A.		21 Oct	1888	Lizzie		Dickson

Columbia County

William	        Mansfield	13 Nov	1884	Nancy	Nora	Giddens
Flemmel			        27 Jun	1890	Mary		Davis
H.	        R.	  	 1 Jun	1892	Annie		Paeschel
George			         3 Jan	1905	Mary	M.	Douberley

Duval County

Elizabeth	Ann		17 Dec	1854	Robert	C.	West
Escambia County

Escambia County

Elijah			         1 Mar	1825	Vilatin		Hobbs
James	        Henry		16 Feb	1871	Adeline	        Fowler
Amanda			         5 Nov	1874	Henry	H.	Brown

Gadsden County

Mary			        28 Dec	1854	Alexr.		Turner

Leon County

Robert			        19 Jun	1903	Bessie		Camp
                                [lic date]
Alto			        23 Dec	1922	Effie		Farady
Eunice			        16 July	1928	Delma		Hurst
Myrtis			        25 Mar	1929	Millard	        Wingate
S.	        C.		17 Aug	1935	Myrtle 	Inez	Adams
R.	        F. Jr.		15 Oct	1938	Jean		Berry
Robert	        B.		29 Dec	1939	Ethel	Orem	Jones 

Orange County

John			         2 Apr	1876	Nancy		Smith
Ella			        13 Dec	1884	Isaac		Peeples

Santa Rosa County

E.	        S.		14 Sep	1887	Laura	Belle	Shockley

Sumter County

Haram 			        21 Aug 	1873 	Carline	        Cuckes
Elizzie			        22 Jun	1880	Lewis	L.	Robinson

Suwannee County

W.	        M.		20 Jun	1871	Mary		Blackshire

Union County

Martha	        M.		25 Nov	1883	Arthur English  Williams

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