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Looking for a Brown ancestor? You can post a query/message here to help you locate others who might already have the very information and records on those hard-to-find ancestors you are searching for. You may luck up and find someone else with an old family Bible with all the details you have been searching for. This Internet site is sponsored by the Brown Family Club, a national, non-profit family club. Go to our HOME page to learn more about the Family Club -- you can also jump from there to our family HISTORY pages, the family NEWSLETTER and our other sites.

This is the wonderful thing about the worldwide Internet--you can reach unknown kinfolk all over the nation, and even a few overseas! The World Wide Web now covers the entire world; as more and more family historians go online, distant relatives are becoming easier to find. The lost branches of your family are just as eager as you to learn more about their heritage and most are willing to share information on ancestors. The biggest problem in the past has simply been making the connection. Now with the Internet, that has been made a lot easier for you.

Your message here in our Query section can reach many relatives previously unknown to you. We hope our site will become the hub of information and research for all those looking for Brown ancestors.

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1799 -- 1854

Looking for information on and parents of LITTLE WILEY BROWN. He was born 17 Mar., 1799 in New Bern District, North Carolina and died 8 Jan., 1854. He moved to Yazoo County, Mississippi, where he married RHODA M. ("Rody") BRISTER on 31 Oct., 1839. Any information will be appreciated. He was my fourth great grandfather. Contact me at the mailing address below.
Thompson J. Brown Sr.
17904 Old Jefferson Hwy.
Prairieville, La. 70769


Searching for information on my great grandfather, E. DREW BROWN, born about 1885 in northern Alabama or southern Tennessee. He married MAUDE ("Maudy") KING in 1905. They had one dau., LONA ADRIAN. They were divorced in 1915. He may have had a brother, TOM BROWN.
Tim McCafferty

ca 1800 -- aft 1880

Looking for information on parents and descendants of BENJAMIN H. BROWN, born ca 1800 in Georgia or North Carolina. His place of birth was listed on census records as GA., NC and MO. He married MARY MILLER in Jones Co., GA., 22 Apr., 1824. She was the dau. of ELIJAH MILLER and CHARLOTTE ANDREWS. By 1827, Benjamin and Mary had moved to the Creek (Muscogee) Indian Territory, which later became Lee County, Georgia, then part of Randolph Co., and later part of Stewart Co. They are listed in the 1830 Randolph Co. census and the 1840 Stewart Co. census. BENJAMIN and MARY had 7 surviving ch: AMANDA MELVINA (mar. Dr. JAMES PEYTON TURNER); ELIJAH CLARK BROWN (mar. SARAH IRVIN); MARY ANN BROWN (mar. Dr. WILLIAM HOLLINGER RAMEY); GEORGE W. BROWN (mar. JANE IRVIN (sister of Sarah); HARRIET BROWN (mar. JONES); SARAH ANN ELIZA BROWN (mar. JAMES BARBER PICKETT); and WILLIAM H. BROWN, who died as a Confederate soldier in the Battle of Atlanta during the War for Southern Independence. Benjamin and Mary lived briefly in Muscogee Co. Ga. and appear there on the 1860 census and in Webster Co. after it was cut off from Stewart Co. By 1872, they and several of their ch. had moved to McLennan Co., TX. Where they appear on the 1880 census.
Juanita J. Brown
San Diego, CA

1784 -- 1850

Searching for parents and information on RICHARD BROWN. He was b. abt 1784 or 1785 in North Carolina. He had children born in Tennessee. He moved to Missouri in the 1830's and died in Polk Co., MO. In 1850. His ch were STERLING, MARY, ELIZABETH, RICHARD Jr., REBECCA ANN and MARGARET. His wife's name is unknown to me. Would appreciate any info on his wife and ancestors.
Rex Brown


Trying to assist my sister-in-law in finding out more about her husband's grandparents, CLEMENTINE BROWN and her husband, CORAH LEE SLOOP. They were from Rutherford Co., NC and resided in the Cliffside Community there. Any help will be appreciated.
Helen Russell
Brevard, NC


Searching for parents and ancestors of MALINDA BROWN, (ca 1811 in SC?-- 24 May, 1853, Cherokee Co., Tx.), mar. JOSEPH COKER from Laurens Co., SC. Their ch. were JAMES HARRISON (mar. SARAH JANE GANN); HARRIET (mar. WILLIAM JONES); and JANE (mar. AMOS JONES). Malinda is bur in Jacksonville, Tx. I know nothing about her ancestors or other relatives.
John Cockrell


Searching for ancestors of JAMES ALBARTUS ("Albart") BROWN. He mar. NANCY MAGDALINE ("Nannie") RHODES (d. 1974 age 82) and they had 2 ch.: JAMES MARLIN BROWN, b. 28 Dec., 1919, d. 10 Apr., 1996 and GEORGE RUFUS BROWN. James Marlin mar. DORA LEE SUMMERLAND 1 Oct., 1940. The faily lived in Oklahoma. My dad, James Marlin, said his father Albart was mar previous to this marriage and had several ch. by his first marriage, including OSCAR BROWN, the oldest who now lives in Minnesota and daughters MAGGIE and ARTIS. Both of the girls are dead now. They lived in Texas.
Lea Dora Brown Briley
1324 W. Baltimore
Durant, OK 74701

1898 -- 1962

Searching for ancestors of BERTA O. BROWN (24 Apr 1898 in Cordele, Crisp Co., Ga. -- 7 Apr., 1962 in Lenox, Cook Co., Ga.), dau. of PHILLIP BROWN and ELIZABETH McCALL. Phillip was a son of FETH (Seth?) BROWN. Berta mar. WILEY ABRAHAM TURNER 24 May, 1914 in Abbeville, Wilcox Co., Ga. Would appreciate any info on this Brown family.
Rita Turner Cyphers
4164 Thalia Station Circle
Virginia Beach, VA 23452


Looking for info and living descendants of ROBERT ELLINGTON BROWN. Robert mar. GEORGANNA BELCHER; they lived most of their lives in Butler Co., KY. and are buried at Quality, KY. Their ch. included LAURA, CLARRON DEWITT (my father), GUY, WENDELL and WARREN.
Charles Franklin ("Frank") Brown
1001 Ben T. Johns Rd.
Alvaton, KY.


Looking for parents and information on WILSON BROWN Sr., born 20 Nov., 1821, died 28 Aug., 1899. He mar. JANE DUCKETT, born 6 May, 1816. We have been told his father's name was WILLIAM.
Cheryl Brown


Looking for parents and ancestors of RICHARD BROWN. His daughter, ELIZABETH BROWN was born in Robeson Co., NC and mar. GILBERT DAYTON COOK. They were my great great great grandparents. They migrated to the Copiah Co., Ms. area. What I am actually looking for is Elizabeth's family Bible. The last known person tho have the Bible was LILLIAN GORDON PRIMM (Mrs. F. V.) of McComb, Ms. She was a great granddaughter of Richard Brown. I would like to get xerox copies of the family information in the Bible.
Paula Boyle Kennedy
Winter Haven, Fla.


Looking for ancestors of JOHN VINCENT BROWN Sr. He was mar. to AMERICA GOODBREAD had a son, JOHN VINCENT BROWN II. who mar. MARIAN LEE (Ildah) GOLDWIRE. They had a son JOHN VINCENT BROWN III, my father. I know little about my family because my parents were divorced when I was very young. They lived mostly in and around Live Oak, Fl. and Camden Co., Ga.
Patricia Brown Glasscock

ca 1816 -- 1874

Looking for ancestors and descendants of MARSHALL PATRICK BROWN, b. ca 1816; died 13 Nov., 1874. His mother's name may have been REBECCA. Marshall mar. SARAH A. ELIZABETH LAWSON . Her mother's name may have been NELLIE. Their ch. were: TEMPERANCE R. BROWN, b. ca 1843; DAVID ROBERT BROWN, b. 21 Dec., 1848 in Howard, Ga.; d. 11 Dec., 1897 in Taylor Co., Ga. (between Columbus and Macon), mar. MARGIE WILLIS 10 Sep., 1873; JAMES M. BROWN, b. 1852, d. 1923, mar. TEMPERANCE BRINKLEY; and JOSEPH S. BROWN, b. 1859, d. 1905, mar. SARAH SAVANNAH LOYD and after her death mar her sister, MARTHA AUGUSTA LOYD.
John Brown
1000 Moody Bridge Rd.
Cleveland, SC 29635

1844 -- 1927

Searching for parents and ancestors of WILLIAM ("Bill") BROWN, b. in Maury Co., TN. 10 May, 1844. Bill served as a soldier in the Confederate States Army, Company B, 48th Tennessee Infantry. He was captured by the yankees and held as a prisoner of war until he was paroled 7 May, 1865 at Greensboro, NC after the end of the war. He mar. ELIZA JANE ROBERSON and they had 13 ch. The family moved from Maury County to Obion County in northwest Tennessee near Reelfoot Lake in the late 1890's. In 1900, they moved to Texas. He lived in Cleburne, TX until old age. Bill died 5 Dec., 1927 at the Confederate Soldiers Home in Austin. He is buried at Covington Cemetery. Bill was my great great grandfather. I have lots of information on him but so far have been unable to learn who his parents and siblings were.
Elaine Davidson
PO Box 702
Columbia, TN 38402-0702


Looking for information and parents of ADDISON BROWN, born abt 1820 (and known to me as Addison Browne). He mar. MARY ("Polly") McKEITHAN; they had 12 ch: JOHN, ELI JUDSON (my great grandfather, a preacher), DALTON, ALICE ANN, LUCY, WALTER, MARTIN, NANCY, WILLIAM, SARAH and MINNIE BROWN. Eli Judson moved to Texas. Addison and his family appear on the 1860 US census of Stewart Co., Ga. Any information on descendants of this family would be appreciated.
Travis Rankin
2110 Meadowbrook Dr.
Redding, Ca.

b. ca 1810

Searching for information on LEWIS BROWN, b. ca 1810 in Scott Co., Va. He mar. LYDIA HALL. They later lived in Floyd Co., KY.
Louise Brown
Augusta, KY 41002


Looking for information on HENRY BROWN, born in either Georgia or Florida and lived in Ga. and on his parents. He was the son of ELINE BROWN and ELLA GREENE and had a brother, NEELY BROWN. Neely believed he was born in Burke County, Ga. Henry died sometime in the 1960's. He was mar. twice. It is believed that Eline Brown murdered his wife and fled.
Josephine Brown Downing
PO Box 111
Pocomoke City, Md. 21851


Looking for information on JOHN BROWN. He mar. LOCKY YOUNT (b. 1884 in Catawba Co., NC and d. 1962 in Gastonia, NC). They lived in Maiden, NC when my father JOHN B. BROWN was born 2 Sep 1924. They also lived in Claremont, Newton and Gastonia, NC. They also had sons FRED, CHARLIE, GEORGE and JOHN B. BROWN. John died in the 1930's or 1940's in Gastonia and is buried somewhere in Newton. My father John B. died 16 Apr., 1989 in Gastonia. Would love to hear from cousins with information on John and Locky and their parents.
Jean Brown Jondreau
Rt. Box 80
Nashwauk, MN 55769


Searching for parents and ancestors of CHARLIE LEE BROWN. He mar. NORA BROTHERS ca 1910; she died ca 1946. Their ch were LOU ELLEN BROWN who mar. WILSON LYON COLLINS 25 Dec., 1936. Lou died 27 Feb., 1995 in Lubbock, Tx.; MARIE BROWN who mar. LAWRENCE McCOY; JANETT BROWN who mar. a COOK; and BUSTER BROWN (never married; died ca 1993 place unknown). Janett Brown's ch. was Jack Cook. The ch. of Lou Ellen Brown and W. L. Collins was RICHARD LEE COLLINS and LINDA LOU COLLINS b. 19 Oct., 1946.
Greg Collins

1860 -- 1928

Looking for information on JOHN TUSSY BROWN and his ancestors. John was b 1860 in Morgan Co., KY. and d 1928 in Greenup Co., KY. One known spouse was POLLY CONLEY. He is believed to have had at least 2 brothers, HENRY who spent some time in Kansas and GEORGE who lived for a while in OK.
R. Stewart


Looking for ancestors of JOHN BROWN, b 1808. His wife was ANNA ("Anny", Annie) ?. They had a son, HULET (Hewlitt; Hughlette), b 1841 or 42 in Monroe Co., KY. He served in Co.C, 37 Regt., KY Mounted Vol. Infantry during the War Between the States. He mar ELIZABETH ("Betty: Beth") EMBERTON.
Tommy G. High
156 Robert Bishop Rd.
Glasgow, KY 42141

Surrey CO., England

Searching for info on my natural mother's family of Surrey Co., England. I was born in 1953 when my natural mother, IVY SOPHIA BROWN MILTON, was 21. She was the dau of SAMUEL BROWN and came from Surrey Co., England. He is deceased, date unknown. I was adopted by a Jackson family. I am now trying to learn more about my natural family.
Linda Corby
Jersey, Channel Islands
Great Britain


I am trying to find info on JOHN WRIGHT BROWN, believed born in Virginia; buried in Sycamore, Va. First mar. HARRIETT SCOTT, 29 Feb 1826. He later mar. MARINDA COLLINS who died 12 Dec 1890 in Dinwiddie Co., Va.
Arza E. Brown
PO Box 1176
Lahaina, Ha. 96767


I am searching for info on THOMAS JEFFERSON BROWN, b 16 Sep 1837 in Wetumpka, AL. He later moved to Harris Co., Ga. He mar MARY ELLEN HALL. Thomas died 10 Nov 1908. They had one son, MASON TIMMONS BROWN, b 4 Jul 1888 and died Mar 1943 and is buried in Harris Co. Mason was my father. Thanks,
Eugene Brown


I am looking for some information on FRANK C. BROWN who was born sometime in the 1800's. We had a fire and All of our records were lost. He mar LUCY and they had dau named ROSA (10 Nov 1907 - 25 Aug 1992), my grandmother. Everyone with additional info has died. I do recall my mother indicating that Frank C. was from Sunshine, La. However, unable to find info there. Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Alice Collier


I am trying to get information on, and ancestors of, WINNIE TEMPERANCE BROWN, b 1783 in SC. She mar SILAS LEE. Any help is appreciated.
Rodger M. Lee


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