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South Carolina

Looking for info on a PAUL ALAN WARD from SC. Would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks dearly.
Robert Ward


I am looking for info on FRANK WARD and his wife JULIA A. Frank was b in 1858 and Julia in Feb 1859 in IL. Their ch were: JOHN W., ELIZABETH, JAMES, ROBERT, FRED and EUGENE. I believe John W. was born in Kansas. I did find them in the 1900 Census. Thank you.
Barbara Dunn


I'm searching for any info on ELIZABETH_____WARD of VA. My grandmother, JOSEPHINE WARD was b 22 Jul 1866 in Franklin Co., VA. She listed ELIZABETH WARD on her marriage license as her mother. Josephine mar my grandfather, JOSEPHUS H. PETERS 25 Sep 1886, Franklin Co., Va., by Benjamin Wray, Jr.; licenses issued by J. J. Carher(?), of Franklin Co., VA on Sept. 25, 1886. Josephine & Josephus then moved to Princeton, Caldwell Co., KY. There were probably 2-3 sons of Elizabeth Ward. J. M. WARD of KS; one buried in Reno, NV & one buried in Caldwell Co., KY. J. M. WARD had 2 sons & 2 daus in Kansas. This is all the information that I have. If anyone has any info on this family, I'd like to have it. Thanks very much.
Mary Peters Thorpe
4655 Cadiz Road
Hopkinsville, Ky 42240-8544

and wife GEORGIA BATES ?

Searching for any relevant info to help with my genealogy. I don't have much of a start. My father is GERALD RICHARD WARD, son of GEORGIA (Bates ?) (died 30+ years ago). I'm not certain of my grandfather's name, although it may be Charles or Clarence. Gerald's siblings are PEGGY, MARGIE, LARRY, DONALD (deceased) and CHERYL. All centered around Columbus, Ohio. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
Curtis A. W. Thomas
253 North Franklin Street
Richwood, Ohio 43344-1029


I am looking for any info on my grandfather Ward. The only info I have about him is he was a merchant marine who died at sea sometime after my father was born in 1926. Mr. Ward mar SARAH BILLINGS in San Antonio, TX. After he died my father was given to a Butler family from PA. No paper trails. Thank you in advance for your help.
Rebekah Ward Hodge


I am looking for information on ANDREW JACKSON WARD, b 8 Jan 1881; mar NANCY JANE BAKER (15 Mar 1882) in Scott Co., AR. Later moved to Pencil Bluff, Montgomery Co., AR and had the only general store there (sometimes called Sock City). They had 7 ch. My grandfather was ELGIE LILLION WARD, (14 Feb 1910 - Aug 1995) who mar 13 Jul 1930 in Dallas, AR to BERTHA BOSTER (b 6 Oct 1913, probably OK, died Dec 1987); they had 9 ch. They operated an Esso, later Exxon, gas station in Pencil Bluff. Elgie was shot three times by a robber a week before his 70th birthday but survived. Elgie's brother, BEN WARD, still lives in Pencil Bluff in a house next to Elgie's. Bertha's parents were JAMES WESLEY BOSTER and ELLA TROTTER SPURLING. I believe Andrew's family may have originated in KY or TN. A book my father, LEE ROY WARD purchased at The Hermitage, he found a reference to land sold to a Ward by President Andrew Jackson. Possibly a transaction between my gg grandfather and President Jackson?
Rebecca E. Coutts
168 Vanita Loop
Pottsville, AR 72858

Fayette Co., GA to Randolph Co., AL

Seeking additional info on WILLIAM WARD who mar CLARISSA PEARSON 15 Oct 1835 in Fayette County, GA, believed to be his 2nd marriage. and settled in Randolph County, AL by 1840. William is believed to be the father of: HENRY H. (b 1820 GA) who mar JANE C. MICKLE; WILLIAM (b abt 1823 GA) mar Mary ?); JAMES M. (b 1837 GA) mar MARTHA ELIZABETH MICKLE; THOMAS (b abt 1838 GA); and WILSON L. WARD (b abt 1840 GA).
Walter H. Ward
103 Crestwood Dr.
Tullahoma, TN 37388

of Maryland

Looking for information and ancestors of CHARLES WARD and his wife SUSIE WILSON, parents of VIOLA SUSIE WARD (b 1898 in MD - 8 Mar 1966) and her husband SAMUEL CHARLES BOWSER. Charles and Susie's other ch: EDNA, MABEL, BEATRICE and FREDERICK WARD. Samuel's parents were CHARLES BOWSER and FRANCIS QUINN. Samuel's siblings: RICHARD, IRENE and THELMA.
Leon J. Bowser
4 E. Lake Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21212

1820's Wayne Co., NC

Looking for information on BENJAMIN WARD (ca.1825-30), mar PIETY THOMAS (b. 1828); lived in Seven Springs area, Wayne Co., NC and some in present day Goldsboro, NC. Ch were: WILLIAM R., GIDEON, SIDNEY, HIRAM, BENJAMIN and L... ( a dau ?). Any info on Wayne Co. Wards will try to help sort out. Ward is very common name in Wayne Co. Other marriage names are Grady, Sasser, Benton, Daughtry, Denmark, Daly. Thanks and will gladly share.
Kirby Ward
101 Southbank Drive
Cary, N. C. 27511

1820 Tn.

I would like info on BENJAMIN BRAZEALE (Brazil) WARD b abt 1820 in TN, parents unknown, were born in SC. Married SUSAN (mnuk). Moved to Alcorn Co., MS abt 1855; to Marion Co., Ar. abt 1875. Ch: JAMES, JOHN, JOSEPH, SARAH, MARY, BARBARA, AMANDA, ELIZABETH LILLIAN F., EVANGELINE and ZODELLA, who d bef 1870 (abt 10 yrs old). Ben mar 2nd in 1882 to ELIZABETH (mnuk). Cannot find after 1880 census of Marion Co. In that census, he had three grandsons living with him: WILLIAM WARD (1868), JOSEPH WARD (1870), and HUSTON B. WARD (1874); Huston B. born in MS, other two in TX. Need help, been looking for abt 25 years. Sincerely,

Guilford Co., NC

Searching for info on Rev. EBENEZER WARD Guilford Co., NC. Ebenezers daughter; ELIZABETH D. WARD mar DORRIS MONROE BENNETT 18 Jan 1859; they had 14 ch, the last, THOMAS MONROE BENNETT (16 Mar 1879 - Oct 1945) mar MAUDE VIRGINIA FIELDS 5 Nov 1902. She was b 23 sep 1883, 16 Apr 1947.
Edwyn A. Bennett Jr.
2331 Cypress rd.
Dover , Pa. 17315

1846 White Co., Ar.

Looking for any info on ALBERT WARD b abt 1846, possibly in IL., d 1945 in Bald Knob, White Co., Ar., aged about 99. He had 4 sons: GRANVILLE, EMERY, unknown and unknown (died in Nebraska). Emery is my fraternal grandfather, b 30- Mar 1882 and d Feb 1973. He mar LILLIE MAE COATES (11 Jul 1896 -b Aug 1977). They had 9 ch: 2 girls and 2 boys (5 died young). Their son (my father) GRANVILLE OTTO WARD (30 mar 1920 - 13 Feb 1995) mar ALBERTA LOUISE Van GENT HANSEN. They had 3 daus. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Jeanette M. Landers
561 North 166th St.
Seattle, WA 98133

1743 Hampshire, England to Virginia

I am seeking parents and ancestors of WILLIAM WARD Sr. (25 Dec 1743 - 28 Nov 1814), b perhaps in Hampshire, England. He came to the Colony of Virginia prior to the Revolution and served as a private in Capt. Francis Taylor's Co. (No. 8), 2nd Virginia Regiment, commanded by Col. Alexander Spotswood during the Revolutionary War for Independence. He mar NANCY ANN COURTNEY and had 8 ch: CHARLES, ELIZABETH MARY, WILLIAM Jr., ROBERT, JAMES EDWIN, GEORGE and RICHARD. In 1800, they were living just south of Franklin, Va. in Pendleton Co. In 1802, William Sr. sold his 600 acres farm in Pendleton Co. to James Botkin. The family then moved to Pickaway and Fairfield Counties in Oh. Daughter ELIZABETH stayed only 2 yrs and moved back to Pendleton Co. area. Williams wife Nancy d 14 Dec 1834. They are bur in Reber Hill Cemetery near Ashville, Oh. Any info will be apprecaited.
John D. Ward
482 N. Kensington
Dimondale, MI. 98821

CSA, Madison Co., Al.

I am gathering info for a book and need info on Capt. JOHN JAMES WARD of Madison Co., Al. He served as a soldier in the Confederate States Army during the War for Southern Independence. He was wounded in the seige of Atlanta, Ga. in 1864 and died in Catoosa Hospital at Griffin, Ga. I found his grave.
Edward Jordan Lanham
200 Carrington Ln.
Brooks, Ga. 30205

1822 Al.

Looking for info on S. T. WARD (1822 in Al.) and MARK LEMUEL WARD (11 Feb 1875). S. T. mar MARGARET (1824, Tn.). Their ch: WILLIAM CARROLL, PARALEE MARITA, LEWIS E., N. WESLEY, PHILA, THOMAS, SIMON, ARTELIA Z. and MARGARET; believe all were b in Tx. Would like to know S. T.'s full name and ancestors. Have quite a bit of info on his descendants to share. Also info on LEWIS E. WARD. His ch:, twins MARK LEMUEL WARD and PERRY MARTIN WARD, MINNIE and one unknown. Mark's ch are believed to be: CORA, DORA, ETHEL and EDGAR. I am a grandchild of Perry; would like info on his siblings and their descendants.
Peabody, Ks.


The info I have on my Ward ancestors is scant. I am looking for the parents of MARTHA ANN JANE PHILLIPS (11 Sep 1814 in Ga.-- 1894 Elmore Co., AL.). She mar JOEL P. SAYERS in Meriwether Co., Ga. Her mother was a Ward who married a Phillips (the Sheard family may come into play here too?). Family records also indicate a Ward mar a Vardaman possibly in GA. abt 1789). Not much to go on really! Thanks for any help.
Carol LeCroy Brewer
407 Thornton Place
Mobile, AL 36609

1816 Tn.

I'm currently following a WARD family consisting of the following WARDs in hopes of finding parents of my g g gf EPHRIAM WARD (1816 Tn.) who was in Hancock Co., In. by 1834. Ephraim's brother, SQUIRE WARD (1804) believed born SC but raised in Tn. Squire mar WINIFRED DUNCAN (1828 Washingotn Co., VA.). Squire and family were in Fayette Co., In. by 1830. Winifred's brother ABNER DUNCAN mar RACHEL WARD 1815 Washington Co. Rachel is said by some to have been born in SC. She was dau of JOSHUA WARD. His other ch: RHODA and SEALY. The branch Joshua belongs to includes these siblings, documented by the estate of Dr. WILLIAM WARD (died 1833, Rutherford Co., Tn.): Dr. WILLIAM, JOSHUA, JAMES, MICHAEL, BENJAMIN and MARY WARD (CANADA/ CANADY/ KENNEDY and one half-brother, DANIEL WARD. Benjamin d 1820 Ashe Co. NC. Daniel d Jan 1826 Franklin Co., VA. I am in process of checking out a JOSHUA (1748 VA d 1849) and a JAMES (1765 -- 1843, Clermont Co., Oh.), both were members of the Methodist Church. It appears James and Joshua were brothers. James stated in a deposition that he was a Methodist minister and that while living in his father's household during the RW lived in Berkeley Co., VA. (now WVa.) 2 miles up the Potomac from Stockton's Ferry formerly Watkins Ferry. He mentions he had a brother JOHN WARD who fought under Capt. Lee during the Revolutionary War. Washington Co., MD is just across the Potomac River from the area where James lived. I'm wondering if the John mentioned above in your listing of RW soldiers might be the brother of James who died in Clermont Co. James had a son John. James and wife ELIZABETH and his son John and wife MARY and a baby are all bur at Mt. Moriah Methodist Church Cemetery in Clermont Co. The Joshua I mentioned in Hamilton Co. is buried at Asbury Methodist Church Cemetery just across the Clermont Co., line in Hamilton Co., OH. The cemeteries are quite close to each other actually, just in different counties. If you could provide further details on John mentioned on the RW page or know of someone researching him, I would appreciate a chance to contact them, hopefully by e-mail. I have written to two of those posting queries on your page. For one I have definite info and for the other I've shared info on some I have data on with similar names/locations. Best wishes, always happy to share.
P.O. Box 77
Columbus, KS 66725-0077

1758 Va. -- 1848 Ky.

Looking for info on LEMUEL WARD, father of JAMES WARD (25 March, 1758 Fincastle Co, VA.--15 Jul 1848); mar ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON Sep 1810; lived out their lives at the Forks of Rock Castle near what is now Inez, Ky. Came to Ky. with Daniel Boone in 1774. Served in Virginia Militia in Revolutionary War; widow pensioned. I have complete list of descendants (and in many cases, names of spouses of ch) of this union - up to my grandmother. Could be a help to others of this line?
Jane Butts

1909 - 1966 Ky.

I am looking for any info on my grandfather ELMER WARD (24Jan 1909 -- 18 Jun 1966 in Bluestone Ky.); mar PRUDENCE GERTRUDE ? (b 5-17-1911). They had 3 ch: BETTY, DONALD and MARTHA. I am new at this any info will be greatly appreciated.
Kris Lipps
Sugar Land, Tx. 77478

1792 NC -- 1858, In.

Looking for family of MELZER WARD (1792, NC -- 1858 . Melzer went to Montgomery Co., Ky. and mar there. He stayed in Montgomery Co., until about 1830 when he took his family to Decatur Co., In. He lived in Boone Co. in 1850 and then moved to Hendricks Co. where he died, and is buried in 1858. Census info: Melzer mar BELINDA ? (b Ky.); ch: POLLY, LETITIA and MALINDA (mar Capt. Edward Fitzgibbon).
Lynn Headley


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