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NEW VACATION 1999 PHOTOS!!!    btzbul3a.gif (159 bytes)The MS Inspiration   btzbul3a.gif (159 bytes)St. Thomas & St. John   

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Come join me in my adventures. Let me show you the way to paradise. Maybe you can point me in a new direction.

Share your travels with me. I would be happy to share my experiences as well. 

Be sure and sign my guestbook ...pretty please.  I'm always looking for suggestions for our next trip.  I've found other peoples' experiences can be a valuable source of information for making that final decision.   

For some really helpful information check these books out...

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These are just a few sites I've found that are extremely helpful in gathering information for your next vacation.  You will find more links on my next pages that send you to tropical islands such as St. Lucia and Grenada.  Check them out!



  Microsoft Expedia

The Sealetter


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