Since you've found this place, I assume you're already a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan and know what Yu-Gi-Oh! is all about so I won't bore you with those details. The anime is finished in Japan, with 224 episodes in total, but I'll try to keep this site up because the "old" cards will always be around and there will always be fans even though the series is finished :).

A little about myself perhaps. Well, I am definately not the typical Yu-Gi-Oh! fan - I'm 33 years old! There must be other fans my age or older but we're clearly in the minority. I've been a fan since November 2002 and have been collecting the cards and some select miscellaneous Yu-Gi-Oh! stuff ever since. Fondly remember my very first Yu-Gi-Oh! purchases that November ;) - the American Kaiba and Yugi Starter Decks. Have not gotten into Dungeon Dice Monsters at all - just the regular trading card game, DVDs, etc. are expensive enough. I've always liked RPGs (role playing games), dragons, monsters, etc. and thought many Japanese cartoons and artwork were pretty neat so Yu-Gi-Oh! is what I call a perfect blend.

My favorite characters are Seto Kaiba and Bakura (Ryo Bakura and Yami Bakura). Some people think Kaiba's mostly mean and has a bad personality but I think he's just misunderstood because I can understand most of his actions so far (at least in the second series, he was meaner in the first series). The U.S. dubs seem to make Kaiba meaner - to have a clearer line between "bad guy" and "good guy" is my guess. I suspect Kaiba and Bakura are my favorites because I can relate to them more than the others.

On with the show, shall we? Feel free to poke around the site a bit. Excuse the stark simplicity. I can't stand websites that take 5 minutes to load (long time to wait on the net) on a dial-up connection because of overprogramming with fancy java stuff or tons of pictures. I choose to spare my vistors of the WWW (world wide wait) :). IMHO, as long as the site looks reasonably nice/organized and gets the job done, it's good enough. Please don't feed the wild animals...

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    All card images, card statistics, and video are the property of Kazuki Takahashi.

    The Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Count: (my personal collection - might be off about 10 either way)
    2027 including Japanese cards and 3 original Japanese Bandai cards, not incl. extras (American, Japanese) for personal use or trade. Ack! This obsession is *nuts*.

    OK, new e-mail address - sephiroth [at] Yes, it's a "dorky" username ;). E-mail me if you have any corrections for the website or questions (website topic related, which means Yu-Gi-Oh! or swords). Replace the [at] with the normal symbol and don't put the spaces in. I'll probably be spammed to death anyway but doesn't hurt to try to foil the spammers/bots. As I said with the old address, any spam will be ignored (deleted without being opened) or reported and rude/hateful e-mails will be ignored. Be specific in your subject heading so I don't mistake your e-mail as spam - don't just type "hi" or something like that. I only plan to check this account once every 2 weeks so might take a while for me to reply if you need a reply.

    This site was started sometime in April 2003 and was last updated on January 27, 2009 - *yawn* *smack* oh, it's you...Oops. AOL quit offering free webspace for their members back in October 2008 and I didn't even notice (they didn't notify us which was bull...). So, all of my Yu-Gi-Oh! card scans which were hosted by AOL are gone. I think I still have them backed up on a Zip disk...which I can't access (my Mac G3 desktop's still out of commission and the Zip drive for the other Mac desktop is wonky). Apologies for the very small updates, if any, as of late but I have too much stuff to catch up on and worry about in my personal life. (*sigh* if only I had the energy to get a lot done - feel like I'm about 75 years old)

    OK, so I couldn't resist ending the page with a cute little Sephiroth GIF (being a huge Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth fan...) ;), think it's an in-game grab from somewhere...Kingdom Hearts? But Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 had a really cool redesigned version of him with his one black wing (3 black wings for KH 2 - has wings growing out from his torso), not a chibi/kid Sephiroth. I checked and the closest thing to the GIF I found in the FFVII Ultimania Omega book was Itadaki Street Special, so it might have been a grab from that game. Or maybe it was from the Kingdom Hearts game for the Nintendo Gameboy. Apologies if it was actually rendered/drawn by a fan - I will give you credit on the website or take it down.