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Who are we?

The Vingolf Fellowship is an Asatru organization dedicated to the worship of the Aesir and Vanir, the Norse Gods and Goddesses.  We currently number eight men and women, most of whom reside in New Jersey (with New York, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania residents as well).  We gather at least once a month to honor our deities and the Earth, and do everything from brewing to seidh-working.  We also hold open rituals and workshops at the major pagan festivals in the area.

What is Asatru?

There are as many answers to that question as there are Asatruar. Asatru is a polytheistic religion based strongly on the pre-Christian beliefs of the Scandanavian peoples, including the Vikings.  It is currently a state religion in Iceland.  Asatruar honor all of the Norse deities (the most well-known of which are Odin, Freya, Thor and Frigga), and have a code of ethics based on the virtues of our spiritual predecessors. Asatruar hold the Earth, and all spirits of land and sea, to be sacred, and many of us honor our own ancestor spirits as well, regardless of our own heritage.   We use what archeological, anthropological and literary evidence to reconstruct Asatru as best we can, and we fill in the rest with deep personal insight, making Asatru a living, changing religion with strong roots in the past. Click here for a good description of Asatru from the OCRT Religious Tolerance website. Click here for the Frigga's Web description of Asatru, written for inclusion in the Military Chaplain's Handbook.

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