Download GW-BASIC here! Below we have GWBASIC 3.23, GW-BASIC Manual, Compiler, tutorials, examples and games, all absolutly free. Just click on the blue lettered selection, save and un-zip.

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Click, download and unzip the following zip files: - the complete GW-BASIC 3.23 ( 60.3K ) - a complete GW-BASIC manual by Microsoft in "help" format with indexes and easy to use format. Many thanks to Tom Cloud! - a complete GW-BASIC manual by Microsoft in html files. Thanks to Thomas Shaffner. Click on index 2 after downloading. It is an excellent linked index.

Another manual for GW-BASIC. - a GW-BASIC compiler. Read the "read me" for all the information that I know. It outputs a stand alone exe file when compiled with the /O option and linked. - a list of options for the GW-BASIC compiler (BASCOM). Some do not work.

Compiling GW-BASIC -porting GW-BASIC to QuickBasic2.0 ( probably our compiler ).

GWCOM.html - an optional list of commands. 12 Jun 2002 by KindlyRat before the above manual was recieved.

exil- a Linux / GW-BASIC converter. - an optional tutorial by Castcoly Software. After unzipping click BT1 and BT2 and press "page up" and "page down" to read.

Free BASIC Compilers and Interpreters

Norman DeForest - deep research into the GW-BASIC language.

Scott's GW-BASIC / Windows solutions!

IconToBasic - run your favorite BASIC programs from desktop Icons!

BASICtoTEXT - change BASIC to Text (Notepad) files.

GWscan - a program from ScottServer that does the same thing. Check out the other programs too!

Here's another good GW-BASIC tutorial.

Here's a link to a TRS-80 (RadioShack) to Windows translator by AW Software. - A version of GW-BASIC for Hercules graphics

Commodore Basic for Windows.

Microsoft Small Basic A new BASIC for Windows!. - a font set for GW-BASIC for Hercules graphics

Here's some new fonts for the DOS Box that we use with GW-BASIC, Thanks to Matt Gregory!

-- HINTS --

GW-BASIC was once the main language used on home computers and is still useful in learning the fundamentals of computer programming and smaller utility programs. It still runs on Microsoft Windows computers thru WindowsXP, though not in a window, but on the black screen used for MS-DOS programming above that will pop up when you click on the GWBASIC icon.

GW-BASIC is an interpreted language which means that it isn't compiled. You type the program in or copy and paste it into a text ( Notepad ) file saved with the name and a .BAS suffix, surrounded by quotation marks. Entering "run" will start the program. GW-BASIC uses line numbers and runs and saves files with a ".BAS" suffix in the same file as the interpreter. You can also run a program by "dragging and dropping" the program on top of the interpreter.

You can find a Users Guide and Reference at any good garage sale or library. Also don't forget to check's used books and I found a "Microsoft GW-BASIC Users Guide and Reference" at for $0.75! If all else fails I have a list of GW-Basic commands for download above and several tutorials and links to tutorials.


note: these games are for GW-BASIC, BUT can be "LIST"ed and clipboarded and saved to notepad. Then you can load them into other BASIC languages. You may have to change a few lines. good dominoes game game by RAKASKA machine game by ROCHE FAHLANEIGH game by ROCHE FAHLANEIGH song writing / playing program good but dumb game UNDER DEVELOPMENT ) a lemonade stand a primitive society a primitive society good slot machine game random colorful rectangles good math game. add line "110 RANDOMIZE TIMER" for better random numbers an old 23 Match game acey deucy anyone? a buzzword creator two or more players. from ScientificAmerican a good craps game a number guessing game a Fibonacci Series Calculator find the mugwmp on a 10 X 10 grid an artificial intelligence game a good NIM game, use caps
Scott...BASIC programs artillery game

---CODE EXAMPLES--- Structured BASIC Programming! code for a tiny BASIC interpreter. protected GW-BASIC programs search, list first and read random circles in SCREEN1 predict future by random generators sampeling theory test calculation by the casino method prove a calculation method finds the factors of numbers old Zenith BASIC graphics demo PLAY music demonstration search, list first and read the Random Generator sort of A$, list first and read sort of A$, list first and read Fractal demonstration by Eric Tchong, formats BASIC programs for listing or printing.
SortThem... another Eric Tchong QuickBASIC program that demonstrates sorts. hexadecimal generator text encoding program game/example that learns messing around in BASIC combinations of three numbers
MorseConverter...converts a message to Morse Code.



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