My All My Children Family Pt2

Here is Esta Terblanche AMC's Princess Gillian.
She was so excited to see me, she was choking me."aaaaaaaaaaaaagh" lol

I never thought I would ever meet him.
Then one day I saw Keith Hamilton Cobb in New York and I screamed, "NOAH!"

Mathew St. Patrick / Adrian Sword handsome and soooooo sweeeeeeeeet!

Here's me with Mat again on my 17th birthday in front of the studio.

Carolyn Neff At the AMC Fan Club luncheon in 1998,
I told her I hated her (Raquel) and now she is my good friend.

Max - Cutie patootie, Juliann stopped to take a picture with me
on his way to....well, you know where.

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My All My Children Family

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