Hilarious Hayley
Kelly Ripa / Hayley Vaughn Santos of AMC!

Me and my best friend in the world Kelly Ripa.

This is the first time I met my Prince Charming, Mark....and his Princess, Kelly.

Kelly was at Foxwood Casino in Conn. I cracked up when she told the story of her praying orange tree. Also on stage were Mark and other ABC Daytime stars, James DePaiva and Robin Strasser.

Kelly was so excited to see me there in the audience she ran to me with open arms!

This was at the 1998 AMC Fan Club luncheon. Kelly came to my table to sit with me and tell funny stories. I had on my favorite Mark Consuelos picture shirt. She smelled it and asked "do you ever wash that shirt?"

This was my first time in a soap opera magazine. Kelly made me feel so special. I had so much fun!

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