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Before seeing the Awards Jughead is very fond of Snow Globes, he has seen them in many souvenior shops and gift shops and Jughead always had a fun time looking at them.  The owner of these Snow Globes that has a big collection of Snow Globes on the Internet or Constructs those Snow Globes is Suzie. Suzie has alot of Snow Globes to look at that are her own invention--To go to her website, and see her big collection of Snow Globes, please click on this logo of hers:

Besides those snowglobes that Suzi has on her website, Suzi designed a special Snowglobe out of the goodness of her heart just for Jughead and its a Jughead Snowglobe with  a sailboat in it for memories of sailboats he saw when he was on his Carnival Triumph Cruise.

Sailboat Snowglobe made for Jughead in seeing the sailboats when the Carnival Triumph left Halifax

Suzie Awards Jughead This Snow Globe Award for the time and effort and creativity he has put into his website.


Besides Suzi also Kathryn of Kathryns Graphics designed the three Snowglobes below out of the goodness of her heart just for Jughead in honor of his cruise that he enjoyed on the Carnival Triumph and in regard to his interest in TV sitcoms he tapes on the VCR. To order any type snowglobe or custom designs of banners or any type of  graphics from Kathryn just click on this logo below:


Here are the three Snowglobes from Kathryn to Jughead:

Girl on Comedy Show Newsview Snowglobe making comedy News Comments that entertain Jughead and other Television Watchers around. Jughead Boarding the Bus at Halifax Nova Scotia Snowglobe in relation to the excusion Motorcoach bus Jughead took as part of his Carnival Cruise vacation.  Jughead enjoying time sightseeing at a Lighthouse in Peggys Cove Snowglobe as part of the vacation enjoyment he had during his Carnival Trumph Cruise Vacation.


Kathryn Awards Jughead The Excellent Site Award for the hard work and effort he put in the creation of many pages on his website.

Ginny Awards Jughead The Snowglobe Rememberance Award for his pages about Littleton Colorado Rememberance of the 12  Columbine High School Students.

For Many of the Other Awards That the Jughead Zone Web Page He Calls His Own Won Please Click on the Links to those subpages which are under each of the images below:


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Jughead Past Honarary Mention Website Awards


These are the Awards of different kinds on many of the subpages, I Edward Kleiner or Jughead of the Jughead Zone Web Page He Calls His Own have won for my Website So Far mostly for inventiveness creativity and alot of effort, if anyone else has an Award for me, please Email it to me.

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