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Welcome to The JAGsite!
A Web Site dedicated to JAG and JAG fans everywhere!

NEW SITE:: I thought I'd give you guys the link to the new site so you can see the progress. The FunZone is going to take me a couple weeks to get everything sorted out, there's a lot of stuff to go through, so please try to be patient with me while it gets settled. If you have any questions feel free to email me, thanks, Allison.

Major JAGsite News:...The JAGsite has a new webmaster! Her name is Allison and I'm sure she's going to do a great job. She has some really cool new ideas for the site and I think you'll all enjoy it. Thank you to all of you for all of the support you have given me and the site over the past four years. I will post the new site address when I'm told the new site is up and running.

Thank you!
Jenny :)

"America is united. The freedom-loving nations of the world stand by our side. This will be a monumental struggle of good versus evil, but good will prevail."

American Red Cross
United Way's "September 11th Fund"
Salvation Army Disaster Relief Efforts
New York Fireman's Fund.

Latest News...Upcoming Eps...Here's the schedule for the next eps of JAG: November 6 is the new ep "Ambush," Nov. 13 is the new ep "JAGathon," Nov. 20 is the new ep "Dog Robber (Part 1)," and Nov. 27 is the new ep "Dog Robber (Part 2)." For more news, check out JAGnews.

USA Network JAG! JAG airs daily on the USA Network at 7:00 PM (EST)! These are the episodes that are scheduled to air on USA. USA does not always stick to this schedule and may switch episodes with no warning. If you are taping, you might want to watch the first few minutes to see what ep is actually on the air.
Fri. Nov. 2 “We The People”
Sun. Nov. 4 10:00 PM “Jinx”
Sun. Nov. 4 12:00 AM “Jinx”
Mon. Nov. 5 “Full Engagement”
Tues.Nov. 6 “The Court Martial Of Sandra Gilbert”
Wed. Nov. 7 “For The Good Of The Service”
Thurs. Nov. 8 “Blind Side”
Fri. Nov. 9 “King Of The Fleas”
Sun. Nov. 11 10:00 AM “Florida Straits”
Sun. Nov. 11 11:00 AM “Flight Risk”
Sun. Nov. 11 12:00 PM “JAG TV”
Sun. Nov. 11 1:00 PM “Family Secrets”
Sun. Nov. 11 2:00 PM “Touch And Go”
Sun. Nov. 11 3:00 PM “Baby, It's Cold Outside”
Sun. Nov. 11 4:00 PM “Collision Course”
Sun. Nov. 11 5:00 PM “Miracles”
Sun. Nov. 11 6:00 PM “Killer Instinct”
Sun. Nov. 11 7:00 PM “Iron Coffin”
Sun. Nov. 11 8:00 PM “Retreat, Hell”
Sun. Nov. 11 9:00 PM “Liberty”
Sun. Nov. 11 10:00 PM “Mutiny”
Sun. Nov. 11 12:00 AM “Above And Beyond”
Mon. Nov. 12 “Impact”
Tues. Nov. 13 “People Vs. Rabb”
Wed. Nov. 14 “Defenseless”
Thurs. Nov. 15 “Someone To Watch Over Annie”
Fri. Nov. 16 “With Intent To Die”
Sun. Nov. 18 10:00 PM “Yesterday's Heroes ”
Sun. Nov. 18 12:00 AM “Yesterday's Heroes”
Mon. Nov. 19 “Chains Of Command”
Tues. Nov. 20 “The Stalker ”
Wed. Nov. 21 “Death Watch”
Fri. Nov. 23 “The Imposter ”
Sun. Nov. 25 12:00 AM “The Return Of Jimmy Blackhorse”
Mon. Nov. 26 “Wedding Bell Blues ”
Tues.Nov. 27 “Innocence”
Wed. Nov. 28 “Going After Francesca ”
Thurs. Nov. 29 “The Martin Baker Fan Club”
Fri. Nov. 30 “Dungaree Justice”

Season Six Awards Click here to see the results of the JAGsite Season Six Awards.

"Even when America is not at war, the men and women of our military still risk their lives for peace." -- Former President Bill Clinton at the memorial service for the sailors killed on the USS Cole

The JAGsite is an unofficial site for JAG fans, by JAG fans. JAG, it's characters and all that stuff don't belong to us, they belong to Belisarius Productions and CBS. IT'S JUST FOR FUN, SO DON'T SUE US, OKAY!!!