Corey Woods

Peace to the foundation that's among my cipher, peace to all the jail n***** , I'm a need y'all to hold ya headz up and get into them law libraries, it's time to fool these devils at their own tricks and trades- we need more doctors, lawyers, electricians, engineers, and developments within our communities. Peace to all my outta state major n*****....you know who ya'll are. Peace to all the fans who came thru and showed us love from day one...love yall n*****!!! And to all my European & International spokes people....love yall. I'ma see yall n***** when I'm on tour. Last but not least...fuck all yall fake proprietors. YALL can't fuck with our hustle cause we get stronger every time yall go against us and to all yall faggot ass radio n***** that don't be supporting our shit, don't ever speak to me cause I'm liable to spit in ya fucking face. Peace to my mom, my nana, peace to my lady and my family which consists of half the world...I love yall!!!!! Yeah, and all the cats w/ banging systems, warning! Play this shit loud as fuck!

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