Miss International 1961 Contestants

All 52 Contestants at the 1961 International Congress of Beauty in Long Beach, California

Beauty School is proud to present the Miss International Seminar Series. In this special seminar series, we will showcase the early history of the Miss International Pageant, the third largest and most respected global beauty pageant after Miss World and Miss Universe. Celebrating its 39th anniversary in 1999, the Miss International Pageant was born in the U.S., but is now held each year in Japan.

Our seminar series will focus on the “golden age” of Miss International, from 1960 to 1965, when the pageant was held in the U.S. city of Long Beach, California. During this time, it was also referred to as the International Beauty Congress.

Long Beach is familiar to all us as the host city of the Miss Universe Pageant from 1952 to 1959. In fact, the Miss International Pageant grew out of the Miss Universe Pageant, as we shall we see in the first installment of our seminar series...

Miss International 1960

This seminar series would not be possible without with the generous assistance of William Prendiz de Jurado, who graciously shared his large collection of Miss International memorabilia with Beauty School. Thank you, William, for allowing us to present the wonderful history of Miss International to our students.

For a complete list of Miss International winners, runners-up, and semifinalists, from 1960 to the present, visit Jimmy's Pageant Page.

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