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Featured Guestbook Entry!

When someone sees a good entry like this in a guestbook they are more likely to click and visit that person. Other people want to know you did something more than look for the sign guestbook link. I'm not totally against just dropping a link in a guestbook but keep it small and don't expect too much response to it.

Name: Cheri
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Hello! I'm glad I bumped into your site. Found a button on a friend's webpage and just surfed right on in! If I say something really nifty, does that mean this will be a featured guestbook entry? *g* (Just had to ask). On a more serious note-- this is a unique idea. Pointers on how to surf guestbooks... Something a lot of us do, but often don't get out of it what we have the opportunity to. Thanks & God Bless!

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