Official guestbook surfer logos!

Thanks for the support. There are getting to be quite a few images here so this may take a little bit.

Right click your mouse on one of these logos. Mac people click and hold. Download the image and put it on your web server or wherever you keep your web page files.
guestbook surfers stopped by since Jan 1 1998.

award type gif silvery moon official guestbook surfer cartoon surfer yellow rose OGS logo small guestbook surfer cartoon surfer wanderingfarie book ogs image Little mousies guestbook surfing
wfogs3.gif has a transparent background.
official guestbook surfer white logo official guestbook surfer 2 400x40ogsbanner official guestbook surfer little button guests4.jpg is a beachball type thingy guestbooksomething sunset pic surfer on a real wave oval little castle this is the best little button from GA

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