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The Vienna Citizens' Webring

T he Vienna Citizens' Webring was started because I felt a need for the citizens of Vienna to come together as a neighborhood. There are a few guidelines your site must adhere to in order to be a member of this ring. First of all, your site MUST be in the Vienna neighborhood or one of its suburbs. If it's not, click here to find out how to join this great community. Next, your site must follow all of Geocities content guidelines. Lastly, your site MUST follow the theme of the Vienna neighborhood. It can be about music, dance, art, or anything related to Vienna. So if you meet all these qualifications, what are you waiting for? Join the ring, and show your community spirit! There are over 150 great Vienna sites linked together so far, and yours should be next!! To begin, simply fill out and submit the form below.

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This <a href="/Vienna/5325/vienna.html">Vienna Citizens' Webring</a> site is owned by <br><a href="mailto:YOU@DOMAIN.COM">

YOUR_NAME_HERE</font></a>.<br><br><font size="2">Want to join the <a href="/Vienna/5325/vienna.html">Vienna Citizens'

Webring</a>? Check it out!</font>

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Please make sure to insert your name, site ID and email address where it says "YOUR_NAME_HERE", "YOU@DOMAIN.COM", and "YOUR_ID_HERE".