U.S. Catholic History
U.S. Catholic History
A Factual Survey on the Catholic Foundation of America

       Much of American history is, and has been for two centuries, taught from a Protestant-English viewpoint. To be more exact, U.S. history has been primarily taught from a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) perspective, and this has more often than not been anti-Catholic, or at the least, silent on the foundation of America as being originally Catholic. Today, much history also is being taught from the viewpoint of both "political correctness" -which is no different than cultural Marxism- and a new paganism that worships nature, holding that all pagan cultures are equal to, nay, better than Christian culture. Both ideologies involve the destruction of Christian moral and social values. These sources have typically presented American history with numerous distortions, half-truths, obfuscations, out-right falsehoods, and serious omissions. Thus, the media and establishment history texts are involved in anti-Christian social conditioning.

       As a result of these dominant influences within the U.S. educational system and the major publishing houses, Catholics (and all Americans) have been cheated from knowing the true history of this country by being given false or distorted notions as to its origins, explorations, and settlements, as well as false notions concerning the reasons for, and forces behind, numerous historical events. This has also resulted in the fact that most Catholics in the United States are largely ignorant of their heritage. It has also resulted in the fact that most Americans are ignorant of many of the true causes of major political and military events such as the "Civil War," the Spnaish-American War, both World Wars, the Vietnam War, and up to both wars against Iraq.

      What generations of Americans (Catholic and non-Catholic) also have been taught is a national mythology of supposed great deeds by adventurous pilgrims and courageous (Protestant) forefathers. It has been taught that these forefathers were men of God who were doing His Will in establishing a New World, a new nation, a new type of government "of the people, and by the people." However, these men and women of the American "history" which has been taught rejected the social Kingship of Jesus Christ and His authority over men and nations. These figures of US history rejected the one true and only revealed religion: the Holy Catholic Faith (and thus rejected the authority of the Holy Catholic Church). In saying they rejected the social reign of Christ the King, we mean that they rejected the idea (and necessity) that the laws of states and governments and the entire social order be conformed to the laws of Christ and His Church. As a result, many of the deeds, the policies, and the laws they authored and approved reflected these attitudes. The same is true of the social/cultural order that was planted here after the Catholic presence had either been destroyed or, at the least, its influence marginalized, if not nullified.

       The real history of America tells us a story different from the national mythology that has been and still is taught. It is the story of a land that, before any Protestants came, was explored, claimed, settled, and solemnly consecrated to Christ the King and His Blessed Mother by Catholics. Here are some quick examples:

       Who has been taught that, before the Pilgrims arrived in 1620, there were more than EIGHTY Catholic mission-settlements already established -and this included Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, and upper New England, not just Florida and the Southwest?
       Who has been taught that thirty-three of the forty-eight continental states first had Catholic settlements before there were any English Protestant ones?
       Who has been taught that, by the time the Pilgrims landed, Spanish Catholic missionaries had converted, baptized, and civilized more than 50,000 American Indians(!)? (This, only within the US boundaries.)

      The fact is, that by the beginning of the 17th century the entire civilized population of America was Catholic. Thus, the real history of America can never be separated from the contributions made by Catholic explorers, pioneers, and missionaries -both lay and cleric.

      Before we look at the facts, it would be appropriate to understand the definition of history, especially if one is a Christian. What, then, is the proper definition of history? Well, the answer has two parts.

    1. History is the unfolding of God's will in time, and the record of how men and nations conformed to that will or resisted it (and to what degree each have done so).
    2. History also is the unfolding of the war between the Kingdom of Christ on earth (found only in the Catholic Church) and the kingdom of Satan.

       Inevitably, then, there will always be (as there always has been) conflict between those who reject the social reign of Christ the King and His kingdom and those who accept it. History must be scene in this light, for it is only by means of holding the Catholic Faith, that is, by believing ALL the truths God has revealed as necessary for belief, that one can properly grasp this struggle, and thus, recognize the real forces behind historical events. Since the enemy is in control of the establishment, it should not be surprising to find that there would be distortions and misrepresentations of historical fact where the Church and her members are concerned.

    The real history of America (and of the world) can never be properly understood if studied in anyway divorced from these definitions. Why? Because only these recognize reality -and thus the history of men and nations- as it is: a spiritual conflict between two kingdoms.

       This modest web site provides simply a survey of facts most of us have been cheated from knowing. You will not find these facts in establishment history texts or discussed by the major media and its numerous outlets. (Click on links below for various articles and suppressed facts of US history.)


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