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Ever wonder what gets updated when the update date changes?
This page will list all major updates to ALL AGSMA related pages.
(Assuming we remember to update the update page)

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April 13, 2001:
Updates to PSOC with more Jin and Touya. Li and Zato added. Fanime 2001 report added. AGSMA Gatherings Page added.

February 3, 2001:
Updates to PSOC with more Laguna Loire. Touya Kinomoto added. Chibi Banners for AGSMA and PSOC added.

October 20, 2000:
Updates to PSOC with more Strider Hiryu, Terry McGinnis and Gary Oak have been made. Sie Kensou added. Trunks Sword FAQ complete. Finished pages for AGSMA at AniMagic 2000 and the conglomerate Comic World 1 & 2 pages.

August 11, 2000:
Updates to PSOC reflecting the Strider Hiryu costume have been made. Along with Terry McGinnis and the Cypher construction page.

July 8, 2000:
Updates to PSOC reflecting the Ashitaka costume have been made. Steady progress on the AX2K report as well. The digital camera pictures as almost all processed including the scenes taken on 7/7/00.

June 3, 2000:
Got another gift CG from Whip-chan. Revised Gift Art page as well as tidy up the Link page just a little bit.

April 29, 2000:
Split the AGSMA Links appropriately to AGSMA Links and PSOC Links due to the inexorably large size. Also split the guestbook into Year 2000 and Year 1999.

March 15, 2000:
The Fanime Con 2000 pages are complete except for the re-enactments and the fanboy picture
Laguna Loire's page at PSOC is complete and has increased in size by 1000%.

March 2, 2000:
The Fanime Con 2000 pages are up to current capacity using all the digital camera pics. So it's about 50% complete. Waiting on my regular camera film to be developed and scanned.

March 1, 2000:
Added a prototype pages to PSOC for the Laguna Loire and Lei WuLong costumes. AGSMA's Fanime Con 2000 pages are getting past their skeleton states as well, starting with Armory.

January 31, 2000:
Added a Gift Art from KinKi to PSOC FanArt.

January 30, 2000:
Added another Gift Art to PSOC FanArt.

January 23, 2000:
KPEW's Costume and FanArt/GiftArt Section is now up and running.

January 16, 2000:
Added the Fan Art Section to PSOC

January 14, 2000:
Added an entry to Anything Goes! As well as updated Halloween Costume Gary Oak to PSOC

November 30, 1999:
Certain links on PSOC in Japan will now take you to the Japanese BBS style PSOC Guestbook.

November 29, 1999:
Ok, so I work fast. Almost complete but I wanted to test drive the new Japanese translated Perfect Spin Off Cosplay. Notice that it's at a 2189 location as well. Clever eh? This address is super long, and so if you're lazy like me, and forgot the address, use
Also set up Update buttons to AGSMA and PSOC.

November 27, 1999:
Begin construction of another set of AGSMA related pages, we'll reveal the location in the near future (probably will complete before KPEW).

November 24, 1999:
Shortcut links are made (,, for all the sites. If you link, please use the conventional geocities address and NOT these shortcuts as I only got these shortcuts pretty much out of my laziness when I was on a foreign computer and didn't want to type out the entire address.
Also got around to adding the gift CG I made for H-chan on the PSOC CG page.

November 14, 1999:
PSOC now has a dedicated CG page, when previously the CG's were spread out over all the pages.

November 12, 1999:
I just remembered that crosswinds blocks E-mail from foreign locations, so PSOC has added for E-mail contact for our Japanese patrons. American patrons, please refrain from using that address for E-mailing as it is formatted for Japanese language only.

November 11, 1999:
Three more fonts are added to the Deluxe AGSMA fonts package for ultimate viewing.
At least one member of AGSMA will be represented at the conventions listed at the front of the AGSMA Homepage. The final roster per convention has yet to be decided.
And of course, the AGSMA updates page is established today for your convenience.

November 7, 1999:
For all those people that don't have Jester, Chaucer, and Japanese fonts, AGSMA Utilities has been established for your font downloading needs.

October 31, 1999:
The one year anniversary of Wayne's Perfect Spin Off Cosplay! Thank you for one year of support!
Also, we have the pre-public release of Kinki's Pleasurably Evil Wonderland. When we get this more in gear, we'll let you know.

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