Movies 1998

starship troopers

Here's the list of movies I saw this year:

  1. Gattaca by Andrew Niccol
  2. Jackie Browne by Quentin Tarentino
  3. Titanic by James Cameron
  4. The Impostors by Stanley Tucci
  5. Zero Effect by Jake Kasdan
  6. The Spanish Prisoner by David Mamet
  7. Something about Mary by Peter and Bobby Farrelly
  8. Desperate Measures by Barbet Schroeder
  9. Starship Troopers by Paul Verhoeven
  10. Dark City by Alex Proyas
  11. Truman Show by Peter Weir
  12. The Big Lebowski by Joel Coen
  13. Kiss Or Kill by Bill Bennett
  14. Saving Private Ryan by Steven Spielberg
  15. Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil by Clint Eastwood
  16. Vampires by John Carpenter
  17. Welcome To Sarajevo by Michael Winterbottom
  18. The Second Civil War by Joe Dante
  19. U-Turn by Oliver Stone
  20. Switchback by Jeb Stuart
  21. Wild Things by John McNaughton
  22. Nightwatch by Ole Bornedal
  23. Snake Eyes by Brian De Palma
  24. Small Soldiers by Joe Dante
  25. The Opposite of Sex by Don Roos
  26. Deceiver by Jonas & Joshua Pate
  27. The Last Bus Home by Johnny Gogan
  28. Out of Sight by Steven Soderberg
  29. Kissed by Lynne Stopkewich
  30. The Trigger Effect by David Koepp
  31. What Dreams May Come by Vincent Ward
  32. Deep Impact by Mimi Leder
  33. The Mask of Zorro by Martin Campbell
  34. Twilight by Robert Benton
  35. I Want You by Michael Winterbottom
  36. Photographing Fairies by Nick Willing
  37. Violent Cop (Sono Otoko Kyobo Ni Tsuki) (1989) by Takeshi Kitano
  38. The Negociator by Gary Gray
  39. The Real Blonde by Tom DiCillo
  40. Heavy by James Mangold
  41. Tokyo Eyes by Jean Pierre Limousin
  42. Deconstructing Harry by Woody Allen
  43. Perfect Murder by Andrew Davis
  44. Armageddon by Michael Bay
  45. Scream 2 by Wes Craven
  46. Species II by Peter Medak
  47. Shadow of Doubt by Randal Kleiser
  48. Velvet Goldmine by Todd Haynes
  49. Kundun by Martin Scorcese
  50. G.I. Jane by Ridley Scott
  51. Victory by Mark Peploe
  52. Sphere by Barry Levinson
  53. La Mort du Chinois by Jean-Louis Benoit
  54. Resurrection Man by Mark Evans
  55. Babyface by Jack Blum
  56. Head On by Ana Kokkinos

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