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Welcome to my home page.It will be dedicated to all my hobbies and principally Role Playing Games.
Hello to the th visitor since June 10 1996.

So here are the contents:

  • TUGS : a role playing game system I created. (last update 11/26/1996)
  • Babel : a SF universe.
  • Talislanta : a great fantasy RPG.
  • RPG Rating : more than 250 role playing games rated by you. (last update 06/08/1998)
  • Star generator v1.57c : download this star system generator for PC computers. Useful for Sci-Fi RPG. (Download beta v1.6 version)
  • Links : net search engines and some interesting links.
  • Le Cinéphage : my other homepage (in French)

If you have time you can:

You can mail me at:

[TUGS | Babel | Talislanta | RPG Rating | Star generator ]
[ Links | Net Links | Music | Movies | Cinéphage ]

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