Whitefield: Bangalore,  Changing of the Old Guard 

Whitefield, change of the old guard As in every story, there comes a time when the hero rides off into the sunset, and so it is for Whitefield. I am not being bleak, but that is the truth. The very atmosphere has changed,   the old timers  look out of their windows at the dust on the leaves of  the trees and bushes, some dying of a parched thirst of the soil.  The gardens no longer can be a display of joy, but of envy to the 'developer', always with a hawk eye on property, to 'lynch' and to 'quarter' the once quiet bastion of the pensioner. Antique chandlers are few and scattered around. One old house ' The Waverley Inn ' (which Churchill visited when he came to Whitefield) still cheerfully blooms under the loving eyes of  Mrs. Lousie D'souza who admires her vast garden. Another old owner Mr. Louis D'Silva (Ray, Desmond, Bernard) also has a love for his big plot and his three houses within them going down the generations in style. Whitefield has changed so much, commercialision has taken roots as part of  economic advances, but at what cost. Basically, there are no 'pioneers' left to challenge the changes and to recreate the dreams and passions of the Anglo-Indian Settlers who first settled here. Go to the History of Whitefield and you will see actually who it belongs to, and who has taken what from whom today.

Some of the changes that have taken place in the recent years, say within the last decade, is the introduction of the smaller units of houses, especially for those who found that the land was cheaper than Bangalore, and with a little hardships one could live quite comfortably. The Government had put some emphasis on infrastructure and water pipe lines were laid and roads done up. Sai Baba ashram and hospital added a new invitation to people  to come to Whitefield to visit and stay. Later, because of the vast expanses of land available with all the 'estates' and 'farms' going dry, land was converted into housing colonies towards the Railway Station  and what is now internationally known as the " Software Technology Park " (shortened to IT Park) was formed, with the Government of Singapore putting in some resources I think. Software developers and companies were all housed into one large complex and this has become an IT City by itself. Transport arrangements are being made through the running of  busses for the employees who return to Bangalore City every day.

In the early days, going to Whitefield from Bangalore was like a picnic, in fact it really was. Today, it is just another short trip of about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the traffic jams, oh! yes, there are traffic jams, because all the roads are not fully catering for high volume traffic that flows out from here, also there is a perpetual construction of buildings going on along the route. Our Blues band, the Chronic Blues Band, had a concert at IT Park grounds on environment day (sorry, a screw up, nobody seems to have photographs of any of the bands that played - Roberto on drums, a band from Sri Lanka and us!)  

Some say that Whitefield has changed for the better, perhaps; but at the expense of the old age pensioners, it was a little gruesome. Presently there is a surprise for old residents of Whitefield who haven't visited for a few years. The Inner Circle that had a water slushy/dry pond which was used by residents for building of houses, now has a new look. A lush green park !! No I am not joking, I was equally surprised to find this as my earlier photographs clearly give a barren look , now it's unbelievable. Perhaps some good has finally come down to the residents of Whitefield. I even saw a waterfall, I did not venture closely in case I was hallucinating!! The Whitefield Club is as is where is, no billard tables, discos, pubs or bowling alleys have crept in from the 'IT' influence, as yet ( though scope is there), Whitefield is still the same sleepy settlement, with a taste of both worlds!! This Page is put up for Bangalorewalla's 7th Anniversary , hope you enjoyed the glimpses into the past and future.

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