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Every person who signs up with is put on our one time only mailing list. We will send you only one advertisement, one time. After that you will never receive another advertisement from

Our Promise to you: We will only send you one advertisement EVER and
we will never sell or give away your address or any of your information to anyone.

How to Apply:

Application  -   By Mail   -   By PayPal  - By - Credit Card

Please Note: There are no refunds, so serious applicants only!!! 
Your total cost is just $8.00. The one time fee is for registration and to pay commission to the Key Tapper who referred you.


Application Instructions & Form -

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Please provide all the following information:

Contact Information:

Your Name: _____________________
Address: _______________________
City/ St./ Zip: ____________________
Phone #: _______________________
Email address: __________________
Alternate Email:__________________

Welcome to Key Tappers!!!

For use by Key Tappers Office:

Applicants Key ID#____________

Compilers Key ID#

Method of payment: Paypal_____Credit Card_____C2it____

US Mail____


----------------- End Application ---------------


Apply By Mail -

If paying by money order via US Mail:

1. Copy and Paste application into a word program, or similar, properly fill out and Print.

2. Make the ONE-TIME, nonrefundable fee of $8.00 in the form of a money order to ROBIN RUSSO, who is the founder of

3. Mail payment along with the printed application to:
P.O. Box 128
Junction City, CA 96048

(Please be advised: It will take longer for your start up information to arrive when using this process. All money orders and applications received at the above address will be processed as quickly as possible. (If you are in a hurry to receive your materials it is strongly suggested that you pay online via or

Apply By PayPal -

If paying via PAYPAL - Follow the directions below then click here:

1. Copy and paste the application into a new email. DO NOT SEND AS AN ATTACHMENT, we do not download anything onto our computer to protect us from viruses.

2. Properly fill in all information.

3. Make the subject of the new email "APPLICATION for (your full name)".

4. Address it to the email address of: - (But do not send it until IMMEDIATELY after you have submitted your payment through PayPal.)

5. Then use to send a ONE-TIME, nonrefundable $8.00 fee.
* A. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you type your name and the same email address provided on your application in the "comment" section of your payment through PayPal as it may not always be the same name or email address that PayPal provides to us, depending on who your PayPal account is registered to. It is very important that you do this so we know who's application the payment is to be applied to.
* B. Be sure to follow PayPal's simple instructions.
* C. It is also our suggestion, to save us time and confusion, that you have your email with your application ready and addressed to send but send it only after you submit your PayPal payment. The reason for this is due to the hundreds of emails we get on a daily basis your payment and application may end up quite far from each other on our received emails list, making it difficult for us to see which one belongs to which.)

6. Use as the "send to" email address.

7. Make subject "PAYMENT for (your name used on application)".

8. Mark as a "service" where asked.

9. Complete and submit your payment.

10. Now immediately send your email containing your application that you previously filled out and addressed.

Apply through Credit Card Link - 

You may also pay via the online credit card link by CLICKING HERE. Please note the Key ID number located at the bottom of your application (see application above) as you will need to enter it on the payment page.

Within 1-3 business days of receiving your application it will be sent in for processing. Typically you will get an email confirming we have received it; however, if we are on vacation or out of the office at the time you submit it, generally you will not hear from us again until you are accepted. Once application is processed and you are accepted it will be an additional 1-3 business days before your materials are emailed to you.

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