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                    First off, thanks for visiting my pages and I welcome your interest in Amateur Radio and the InterNet. Radio Amateurs, "Hams" as we are usually called, are people who enjoy the hobby of communicating via radio. Besides communications, most Hams also like to tinker with electronics. We combine all aspects of our hobby to communicate to others around the globe and sometimes even above it. Amateur Radio is a medium for the exchange of knowledge and the teaching of skills. It is a hobby that knows no ethnic or physical limitations. It is a hobby open to everyone, of any age and of any background. Amateur Radio is also a means of supplementing our local authorities in times of disasters. Sometimes it is the only means of communications for our local government. Hams provide communications for sporting events too.

    You can find more information on this and on how to become a "HAM" by visiting my link page or by sending me e-mail.

While in the Pacific Grove, CA area, give me a call on K6LY
( 146.970 - PL 94.8 or 444.700 - PL 123.0 )

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