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         Hi there, my name is Clarence, WA6STX and I have been a Radio Amateur for over 25 years now. I was first licensed as a NOVICE and my station consisted of a DX-35 transmitter and a BC-348 receiver with an outboard ARC-5 receiver for a tunable IF. I made 100's of contacts with this combination and enjoyed every minute of it. After about 8 months I upgraded to Technician class and got on 2 meter FM with a RCA Personal Fone HT. Had all of 2 channels. One on the local repeater of 146.37/97 and the other on 146.520. Since that time I have had many different VHF and UHF radios. The only HF rig I own is a FT-101. It was one of the first to come into this country and I'm in the process of restoring it. I use it on HF cw as I just never bothered to upgrade. Guess I will someday when the spirit moves me. Just need the right motivation and the InterNet is not making this any easier. However, Amateur Radio is still a great hobby and lots of fun. I'm in again, out again of packet and will set up a permanent position soon. Other than that, I'm interested in all forms of communications (I've repaired commercial and ham radios for the past 20 years or so), SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, Science-Fiction and Guns. Anyway, if you are ever in the Pacific Grove area (in California) give me a shout on K6LY - 146.970 (-.600) 94.8 PL - Who knows, I may even be around. 73's

My old station

This is what my station looked like back in 1972. I had just purchased the FT-101 from Spectronics and rearranged the station so I could fit it in. From left to right, The BC-348 with 2 SWR/Output meters, a 2 meter converter, The FT-101 with a CB set converted to 10 meters with a 50 watt amp next to it. An old military signal generator I modified to use FET's, my trusty old R-390A (I wish I still had it) and on top, a DX-35 and VFO. For those wondering, my dad, WA7RMY (now a silent key) used to use this station too. He worked lots of DX on 15 and 20 meters with phased sloping dipoles aimed out west. Now my station consists of a IC-W2A when and if I get on the air. Who knows, this might be the year I become a Ham again.


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