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"Who looks outside, DREAMS; Who looks inside, AWAKES." Carl Jung

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Hello to anyone reading this, I will now begin my upates, there will be many I can assure you. Now All I have to do is to remember how to write the code.. :)

I am sorry that I have left this site in such a state for so very long, suffice to say, I had other things on my mind.

I have much to write about, for these past several years have been filled with pain, wonder, suprise, love of mankind, and healing. Its been an interesting ride to say the least.

I have visited that dark plane where the ancient buildings stand, and my Spirit Woods, countless times, oft times with a friend, but as many times alone. I feel that these are my 'Learning Places'.

I will add more in the next few days and weeks, you will be able to find my updates on my page1 files. I wish thee well, whoever visits this site. I seek not to change you, or convert you, but to simply create a space where some may find a kindred spirit.

I started writing this website in early 1996, and its been quite a ride. This all started out as a place where I could learn more about creating Web pages. It soon became much more to me. Over time, this site has continued to grow and evolve.
It is my hope, that people will find answers to their questions here, as well as Questions for their answers.
I have learned a lot about myself in the past several years. There are links to some of what I have learned, and gained, including a new 'Talent'. I seem to have discovered an ability, or has it only just re-awakened as a process of my learning and growth.
This is an exciting time in my life, as I am coming into realizations of feelings and ideas that I have held for many years.


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I have recieved some very positive comments about the recent events in my life that have been been most supportive. I have met some of the most wonderful people, and I have expreienced some of the most amazing events of my life. The following comments,

"I no longer believe in coincidences!"
"Things just do not happen for no reason!"

Keep ringing loudly in my ears, as I see in my daily life events that surely, I would not have believed possible, just a few short months ago. I have many to thank, and much to be thankful for. Life is getting Better.

Take a look at this page from time to time, and see what evelops. I am still learning.
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This web site was accessed approx. 983 times in 1997. Thanks to those who visited, and please come again~

Well some of you must have visited again, and I am pleased to announce that 1601 spirits took a look at my web site in 1998. As last year, I thank all who have visited, and invite you to come again, as I am always working on this thing.

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