Death: The Defeater of Empires, the Swallower of Oceans, the Thief of Years, the Ultimate Reality, the harvester of Mankind, the Assassin against Whom No lock Will Hold, the only friend of the poor and the best doctor for the mortally wounded. An anthropomoric personification. Almost the oldest creature in the universe (obviously something had to die first.....)

You are number

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Wipe your feet and come inside.


Hello everyone out there. I'm adding all the time to Death's Web. My page supports frames so if you don't have a browser that supports them you can download Netscape 3.0.

With that out the way get ready to venture into Death's world where you will discover the most intimate secrets about this marvelous personification. Follow the links and e-mail me to tell me exactly what you think.


After going to Death's Domain visit Heaven as well.

The Greatest and Most Informative religeous document since the Bible has now been updated.

'60 Minutes with God v1.3', has arrived

With new sections and a complete update and sort of every section plus the chance to download it in Microsoft Word format. Discover ideas about Creation, God, Heaven, Hell, Adam & Eve, the Bible and much more. Enter, take a look and then mail me your own views.

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