Well, what do you want to know? I'm a carbon-based life form, living on an insignificant green planet in the outer rim of the Milky Way Galaxy (from now: MWG), as you probably are, since it is unlikely that any alien would simply care to read this stuff (and most of non-alien too). As many carbon-based life forms, I mostly enjoy the fact of being alive at all / mate / eat / mate / sleep / possibly mate again (it's the survival of the fittest, you know). Additionally I indulge myself into non-evolutionary related activities such as: reading books / comics / manga, listening to music, traveling to far places, playing with computer games, watching movies / tv series / cartoons / anime, riding motorbikes, talking with friends at late hours, having a sexual life, coding this site, going to the cinema, taking photos, I also used to play to RPG (Role Playing Games) and experimented with 3D Graphics... and yes, I have a job too: this doesn't leave very much time to any of the aforementioned activities (and one must also take in account breathing / washing / sleeping / housekeeping).

This said, I was born in Trieste (Italy) during August 1973 [Western sign: Leo | Chinese sign: Buffalo (Ox) | Chinese element: Water | Japanese type: O+ | If you care about this kind of stuff] - [INTJ/ISTJ & Agnostic - if you care about THIS kind of stuff], and that means some time ago by now.

Yeah, that's me:

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