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Are you concerned about our natural resources? The destruction of our environment is not necessary! Please join the race to save our Big Cats and our Rainforest by clicking the buttons below and its all free! Vote today! Thanks, Firemist

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Click on the adoption icon to see how you can adopt a person still missing in action and/or a prisoner of war! I place my guardian angels here hoping they will watch over them and keep them safe until we can get them returned home! I have made two pages for my adopted MIA/POW Captain John Wadsworth Consolvo, Jr. Please click the icons so you can look at those pages. If you wish to get a guardian angel for your pages, click the angels icon on the right! I hope they watch over you too!


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Proudly keeping the home fires burning for all our men in uniform! Click the candle to see how you can help :)



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The fighting never seems to end in Ireland. I place my Love and Peace Angel here hoping it will bring them a well deserved peace and if not love, then perhaps at least an understanding and a tolerance for each other! If you want to help, click the dove! If you wish to get a Love and Peace Angel for your pages, click the angel! I wish you all love, peace and happiness too!


This is a Realm beyond anyone's imagination....and soon, I shall take all who dare to enter here, onto a journey into the world where the unreal is real, and the real is unreal. For I am the Guardian of the Mountain of Fire, set above the Lake of Flames where Love is the Goddess of all Beings! Soon, the Pathway shall be available to all who desire to venture into it.... and shortly, and the journey will begin.... for the Cosmos Links are now being opened.... and the separation of Space and Time between our World is dissolving quickly.... and THE GATEWAY SHALL BE OPENED UNTO YOU!!!! Return, and one day soon, you shall SEE the PATH unto which I shall guide You! But have NO fear, for I, Firemist, shall be with you every step of the way on your journey into the World of Beyond! Check out all the sites described below in my cool links!

The journey is now beginning! Follow some of these cool links and see where they take you! Keep in mind, we have to keep our eyes open today to protect our Liberties and Rights so we can be sure we still have them tomorrow!! My friend Blade talks about some of the issues of today involving our rights as Americans in The Liberty Bell is Ringing. Let Freedom Ring! He is constantly updating these pages, so this site is a good place to keep returning to for new information that is of interest to all Free Thinking Americans! Then he takes you to a place to quickly access some of todays current newspapers on line and all for free! Also check out my link to get other current news on line. It is a glimpse into the future!

Take a look at the beautiful cards you can send from the Blue Mountain Cards site. They have ones with poetry, animated ones and even some that you can say your greetings with your voice. Or, take a look at the electronic cards you can send from Netcards. Now, take a look at PowWow, it is a neat little chat program with a lot of little goodies that lets you contact your party by e-mail address that I think you will find to be useful. These are also for free!

Lets take a step back into the past and visit Madame Guillotine's Museum! Madame Guillotine now prefers to be called by her real name, Eija-Riita Eklof-Berliner-Mauer. Find some interesting history on this infamous article of death. There are a lot of interesting things to be explored on these pages from both realms. Her recent additions are her pages on the Berlin Wall. Her pages are a credit to both the realm of fact and the realm of fantasy! Besides, I liked her cats pages too!!

Now proceeding forward, into some more fanciful things and places. Wizkil is an old friend from the dungeons of Yserbius that I think you should meet! Then continue your journey and take a look at the wonderful artworks I found while surfing the net for things that please the eyes and spark the imagination in Boris Vallejo's Gallery and More Boris Art Sites!! Some other nice art from Julie Bell! And check this out, take a look at some of the games at the Happy Puppy Game Site!

Are you interested in Paleontology? Take a look at The Oceans of Kansas site. It is loaded with wonderful information. You won't regret it!

Don't forget to take a peek at my Firemist's Ramblings Pages! Get an idea where Firemist came from and maybe where she is going! I also have some thoughts to share with you in these pages! There are some new items on most of the pages for you to see. There is another new page here that gives you some information about the real me behind the character of Firemist. There are sprinklings of things to see, adoptions to be made and things to spark your imagination all throughout my pages! I hope you enjoy your visit!

new.gif Firemist's Personal Updated Pages

Come and check it out! And please come back often as these pages are still being constructed and updated all the time as the chasm in the Cosmos opens wider and wider! Please, sign my guestbook and tell me what you think! Hope to see you soon!!


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Click on the icon to find out more about webguard. The images used on my pages were either scanned by my partner, taken from public domain and are listed on my links page or when the origin is known, the pictures link back to the originator. The only images that are not on my own server are when people have given me an exact code they want me to use for thier images. Be a considerate web user :)

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Help find a missing child! Call 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) if you've seen this child! I support the work of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children!

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National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Click the button to read the tragic story of what happened to Amy Boyer and the consequences it has had on their lives. It could happen to you so beware!


In the Cosmo's of Time and Space, You are only a breath away now, for when today becomes tomorrow, it shall only be yesterday......and the Moment of NOW is Eternal.......


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