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Lady Paladin's Art Gallery

Final Fantasy 2 (4j) Updated 8/20/99
Now divided into three pages of artwork. The main page includes the various logos, Amano character artwork, and a screenshot of the "You Spoony Bard!" line. The FF2 CD page has many exclusive images scanned from the FF4 OSV CD. The FF2 CGI page has several images from the Playstation re-release of FF4 from 1997.

SLIME!Dragon Quest Gallery 8/20/99
The six Japanese covers of the Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in the USA) series for Famicom and Super Famicon, by the artistic genius Akira Toriyama. Also has Toriyama artwork for DQIII, character art for DQIV, and pictures of toys available in Japan.

Raistlin Majere as a Chia Pet

Have you petted your CHIA today?

Above picture an altered excerpt of "The Temptation of Raistlin" by Larry Elmore. Done without permission of TSR.

This page last updated Friday, August 20, 1999 .

SLIME!Long live Blue Slimes! SLIME!

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