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Welcome To Castle Bayguard. I am Lord Kai, Knight of the Rose, your host through Krynn. If there is anyway I could be of assistance to you, please let me know.

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Disclaimer: All the ideas and information on this and subsequent pages are based on publications from TSR Inc. This wonderful world was created by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis in 1985. A few other authors involved in Dragonlance are: Michael Williams, Richard Knaak, Mary Kirchoff, Dougals Niles, Paul Thompson, Tonya Cater, Dan Parkinson, and Ellen Porath. Their work is renown all over the world and has brought happiness to many people. I, in no way claim ownership or creator of the above ideas and information. All I have done is used what TSR published to present this summarized version of Dragonlance. These pages are here for educational purposes only. I do not make a profit from them nor do I wish to. Should you want to learn more about Dragonlance I suggest you purchase either the Tales of the Lance or The Fifth Age boxed set.

Misc. I have a .zip file of songs that came from the TSR publications: Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home and The History of Dragonlance. Someone was kind enough to create them and if you would like a copy, simply download them here.
Thank you for visiting.

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