Avarvae the Tormentress

Ruler of the Oblivion of Tortured Souls

Book: Curse of Naar

The Tormentress rules over a realm of deep space, an infinite darkness speckled with distant stars and the wispy trails of passing comets. Her world can be entered through the Gates of Darkness, the exit from the Demoness Shamath’s realm. This void is icy, and completely airless. Its name is The Oblivion of the Tortured Souls. It has two exits: the Gates of Darkness, and the Bridge of the Damned. The Shadow Reavers often fly through this place-Naar’s servants for the non-corporeal realms of existence.

Avarvae appears as an astral being who bears the semblance of a stunningly beautiful woman and drives a colossal chariot, drawn by four supernatural lionesses. Pale green beams of light issue from her eyes and wisps of silvery mist trail from her ebony tresses. She wields a whip that sparkles with magical fire and her magnificent carriage is escorted by one hundred shadowy outriders, each armed with a lance of cold flame. She travels on a carpet of silvery mist and her movements are effortless.

The immortal entity has been trusted with the torture of spirits who have been captured by the agents of darkness, including Lord Paido, Sebb Jarel, and Adamas of Garthen. These spirits appear as gleaming comets in the astral starscape.

When Demoness Shamath failed to enter Magnamund, she was forced to return to the Plane of Darkness. There, Naar punished her by having Avarvae destroy the Demoness’s beauty. Satisfied that she has paid her price, Naar allowed Shamath to languish in her domain plotting the downfall of Avarvae. She did this by having her servants create a golden fluid that would disfigure the Tormentress. When Lone Wolf escaped from Shamath’s realm, he encountered Avarvae and managed to enact Shamath’s vengeful plan at the same time.

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