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2591- Darkdawn begins; Drakkarim invade North Magnamund

3004- Shianti exiled to Lorn; Moonstone relinquished to Daziarn Trianon

3000- Age of the Black Moon begins

3072- Darklords appear in Magnamund

3150- Drakkarim nations ally to the Darklords

3192- Rise of Archlord Vashna

3400- Spawn bred in the Black City

3434- Sommlending arrive in North Magnamund, led by King Kian; Darkland force thrust behind the Durncrags by the Sun-people

3520- Helghast Wars begin

3550- Helghast Wars end; Brotherhood of Crystal Star halts Helghast infiltrations

3785- Vashna prepares the Black Muster to battle Sommerlund, the Sun Realm

3799- Darklord Vashna slain at Maakengorge 3799- Darklord Vashna’s soul imprisoned inside Maakengorge

3800+ Civil War in Helgedad

4000? Darklord Zagarna recovers Doomstones of Agarash; becomes Archlord; completion of Darkland cities

5050- Invasion of Sommerlund, destruction of Kai, Archlord Zagarna slain

5050-5053 Civil War in Helgedad; Darklord Haakon and Slutar fight for throne

5052- Lone Wolf used as pawn in Darklord power struggle

5053- Lord Slutar frees Lone Wolf, Darklord Slutar disgraced; Haakon of Aarnak becomes Archlord

5054- Barraka of Vassagonia`s attempt to resurrect Vashna fails; Lone Wolf recovers Dagger of Vashna

5055- Haakon agrees to exchange Orb of Death with Zakhan Kimah, for Lone Wolf 5055- Lone Wolf recovers the Book of the Magnakai; Archlord Haakon killed by Lone Wolf 5055- Haakon imprisoned on Plain of Despair

5055+ Darklord Ghurch discovers Haakon’s fate

5055-5058-Civil War in Helgedad; Darklord Slutar, Gnaag, Unc, and Ghurch fight for throne

5058- Darklord Gnaag becomes Archlord; Darklord Unc and Ghurch killed

5058+ Darklords unite behind Gnaag; Darklands wage open war on Magnamund; Vassagonia under Zakhan Kimah allies with Darklands; Darklord Xog conquers Cloeasia; Zakhan Kimah slain, succeeded by Zakhan Shoualli; Vassagonia declares war on Helgedad; Gnaag raises Siege of Torgar; Darklord Chlanzor and Kraagenskul lose battles against Freelands at Zuttezna; Darklords destroy Luomi, recover three remaining Lorestones; Lorestones moved from Mozgoar to Torgar

5070- Darklord Kraagenskul killed at Argazad; Darklord Taktaal slain at Helgedad; Archlord Gnaag killed; Transfusor and Helgedad and subsequently all remaining Darklords killed

5070-Darklord Gnaag and Kraagenskul imprisoned on Plain of Despair

5070+ Civil War in Darklands; Darkland armies flee to Kagorst, Kaag, Akagazad, Aarnak, Nadgazad, Gournen, Helkona, Mozgoar; Doomstone of Darke and Nyras Scepter lost; resurrection of Vashna fails

Following years: Gazad Helkona is taken over by Xaol; Slutar and Zagarna factions continue to war for Kaag; Archdruid Cadak of Mogaruith wins control of Kaag; Nadziranim win control of Kagorst and Akagazad; Doomstone of Darke recovered and Nadziranim of Kagorst and Akagazad ally with Warlord Magnaarn; Nyras Scepter destroyed

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