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Information About the Encyclopedia

What are you getting when you download the Encyclopedia?

Currently the Encyclopedia is unfinished, though in a short while it will be done. For the moment most of the work is finished. Here are the things that you will find in the current Encyclopedia:

Biographical entries for the twenty Darklords

Historical entries about the Darklands

Information about the major settlements of the Darklands

Timeline of Major Darkland events, including demises of individual Darklords, periods of war, and other major happenings

History of power struggles between the Darklords

Listing of where particular character appears (in books)

Historical entries about the Shadakine Wytches

Biographical entries about four Shadakine Wytches completed (remaining three will be added)

Listing of Shadakine settlements in Southern Shadakine Empire

Listing of books to look in if you liked a particular character

Places where Lone Wolf or Grey Star directly encounter a character

Slim entry about Deathlord Ixiataaga (far from completion)

Contributors Listing

Coming soon: Combat Statistics